Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Must be ravaged back

“Little Baby, don’t talk nonsense – ” Tilting her head to the side, Feng Chuge leaned and stared at him.

Achen’s eyes condensed, “AGAIN, I’m not a child!”

Once Achen is angered, the consequences could be quite serious.

A chilly aura emitted from his whole body and settled around him.

The chill startled Meatball in his arms.

Meatball, which had been starting to fall asleep, suddenly had his fur all standing up—

“Meow — ” Meatball screamed in horror.

Achen brushed his fur down and warned, “Scream again and I’ll throw you out —“

Meatball clearly understood Achen as it immediately settled down.

He laid down on Achen’s legs and shivered.

“Little Chen Chen… Don’g be angry. You see, you are scaring Meatball.” Feng Chuge looked at Achen and pretended to be all-knowing. However, she couldn’t help but reach out and pinch his cheek …

He was obviously a child but every time, he never fails to present himself as an adult.

This look wasn’t funny at all.

“Woman, let go — ” After being pinched by Feng Chuge, Achen exclaimed.

“Little Chen Chen… Has anyone every told you that your face is very funny…”

Achen’s face was then caressed and pinched into several shapes. Can’t stand it anymore, he gave a whoop, “Woman, you better let go, or you’ll bear the consequences…”

“I won’t let go. What cay you do to me?”

“Just you wait, wait for me to grow up. Watch me…”

“When you grow up…” Feng Chuge’s smile widened. “Before then, let your elder sister first trample/violate/ravage you…

Several strange rays flashed across Achen’s eyes.

When he grows up…

He must trample/violate/ravage her back!!

“Miss, please don’t play anymore. Everyone else is watching.” Zilan who was standing behind couldn’t bear watching anymore.

She really couldn’t fathom how this Achen, a little boy, so special to her Miss.

Zilan knew very well that if her lady doesn’t like the person, she would never lay a hand to him/her.

At present, Miss being so special to Achen was nothing more just because Miss was fond of him.

Hearing Zilan’s remarks, Feng Chuge retrieved her hands.

When she dropped her hands down, Achen covered his red face with one hand and hung his head down. His eyes squinted but glistened with a smile…

Feng Chuge looked up and sure enough, eyes from various directions were shot on their spot.

He Lian Jin Yu was staring at her with disdain.

Feng Qianxue was completely the semblance of watching a good play, as if awaiting something.

A sneer rose from Feng Chuge’s lips when her line of sight swept across Feng Qianxue.

“Miss, what poison did you just drop?” Aware of the chill from Feng Chuge’s gaze, Zilan also asked.

“Aphrodisiac..” Feng Chuge’s eyes narrowed into slits as her red lips spat out the word.

“Aphrodisiac…” Miss, that’s…” Zilan stopped short as she hesitated. She was obviously surprised that her lady would drug Feng Qianxue with such drink.

Feng Chuge chuckled, “Rest assured. Your lady would never take the initiative to employ such dirty drug. It’s just what I’ve gathered from the glass she gave me and gave it back to her…”

Zilan was immediately enlightened.

It turned out to be because of that.

“Zilan, ah…. Just wait for the good show. This drug should take effect after a quarter of an hour. It will invade her senses little by little.” Feng Chuge said and carelessly poured herself another glass of wine.

Over on the other side, Feng Qianxue has been waiting to see Feng Chuge act shamelessly.

This aphrodisiac, once a woman ingested it, even a chaste woman would immediately turn obscene/a girl/ a woman..

She couldn’t wait to see Feng Chuge making a fool of herself in front of this crowd….

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