EP – Chapter 89

Chapter 89: You’ll only be sent to the door for nothing

“Whatever!” Ning Xiaofei smiled with sparkling eyes. “Anyway, there are mobile phones everywhere. It’s no big deal to buy a new on, but if this file is damaged.”


Xicheng moved to pounce but Xu Yang on the side held him on the shoulders and contrary to his rudeness, plastered a smile towards Ning Xiaofei.

“Miss Ning, didn’t we have a deal? Let’s talk it out, we’re open for discussion!”

“Mr. Xu, you also saw it. It’s not that I don’t want to discuss it. What’s with his attitude?”

“Yes, yes. It’s all Mr. Xicheng’s mistake. I apologize on his behalf. Can you overlook it?”

“For every grievance, someone’s responsible. For every debt there is a debtor. You did no wrong, so why apologize!”

“Xu Yang had no choice but to turn his face to look at Xicheng. With his eyes, he blinked again in a gesture, signaling him to speak gently and apologize.

Xicheng looked at the U-disk which was dangling above the teapot and gritted his teeth.

“Ning Xiaofei, what do you want?”

“Very simple!” Ning Xiaofei opened her backpack and took out the plan she had prepared before. She presented it in front of him. “You need not apologize to me or compensate me for my computer. You can also throw the phone…. I just want you to do me a favor. Take a serious loook at my master plan and consider my invitation!”

Xicheng scoffed, “I would rather record it again than participate in your show!”
“Well, then!” Ning Xiaofei kept her smile and stood up. “Enjoy it slowly, goodbye!”

“I will sue you for stealing my stuff!” Xicheng roared.

“Ning Xiaofei turned around, “Go ahead. I’ll tell the police that you tricked me into going to your house on the grounds of accepting my interview. Not only did you act indecently, you also forced me!”

“With just you?” Xicheng stood up, “You’ll only be sent to the door for nothing!”

Ning Xiaofei gnashed her little teeth, “Then let’s ask Mr. policeman to judge on this, let’s see if he’ll believe you or me?”

“Don’t….Take it easy, the both of you!Calm down……. Calm down……. Let’s sit down and talk, shall we?!”

Xu Yang didn’t ‘know whether to laugh or cry. Xicheng’s own temper stinks, he knows. This little girl has been genial in the car just now, how did she get infected with him so fast?

“What is there to talk. In short, I’m a man of few words. I will never be on your garbage of a show.”

“Then, let me tell you. You are such a garbage. You’re not worthy of my show!”
With a harumphed, Ning Xiaofei walked quickly to the door while Xu Yang busily chased after her.

“Don’t stop her, let her get out, that U-disk, I don’t want it!”

Taking another look at Xicheng who was gnashing his teeth, Ning Xiaofei clutched the U-disk in her hand and slammed the door close as she departed.

“Miss Ning!”

“Dead girl, just you wit. I’ll call the police now!”

Xicheng roared, grasping his phone. Xu Yang hurriedly ran back and seized his mobile phone.

“I beg you, can you please calm down?”

“On Monday, the recording will be made available in the market. It’s now too late to record it again. You’ve seen how her attitude was and you’re telling me to calm down?”

Xu Yang didn’t respond, just raised his right hand and sent him and handed him a U-disk.

Seeing the U-disk on his palm, Xicheng couldn’t help but be surprised.

“She… she gave it to you?”

“When we were in the car, I talked with Miss Ning very carefully. She knew that we were anxious here so she promised to return the U-disk to us. In return, she hoped I could help her convince you to participate in the interview. She also is having a tough time on her side. But you…” Xu Yang sighed helplessly. “Whoever would stand by as you lose your temper much less a girl?”

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