EP – Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Calm down, Calm down!

“I am!” Ning Xiaofei stepped out and looked up and down at the young man in front of her. He was dressed in an English suit usually worn by young people. “You are?”

“Hello.” The young man smiled and stretched out his palm. “I’m Mr. Xicheng’s assistant Xu Yang. It’s Mr. Xicheng who asked me to pick you up. It’s not convenient for him to come here so can I trouble you to come over?”

Since the other party was being polite, Ning Xiaofei would of course be cordial.

“No problem. Then wait for me. I’ll clean up and follow you.”

When she mentioned Xicheng to come and apologize, it was first because she was angry and second, she deliberately wanted Pei Ruoxi to see.

As to that fellow, his appearance here would be too eye-catching. If he really did come, her office wasn’t conducive for her to negotiate with him.

At this moment, Pei Ruoxi, who had already reached the corner of the corridor, stopped when she heard the word ‘Mr. Xicheng.’ These words rendered her puzzled and at a glance, she recognized Xu Yang who was Xicheng’s assistant.

“Sister Song!” Ning Xiaofei looked at Pei Ruoxi and deliberately raised her voice, “Please help me pour a cup of tea for Mr. Xicheng’s assistant!”


Upon hearing it was Xicheng’s assistant, not to mention Xiao Song at the front desk, several young girls run over excitedly.

Even if they couldn’t see Xicheng, his assistant was good enough too….

Returning back to her desk, Ning Xiaofei quickly picked up her things and walked out with her bag. A sneak peek at Pei Ruoxi who walked quickly towards Xu Yang made her smirk.

“Assistant Xu, let’s go!”


The two left leaving Pei Ruoxi frowning as she watch Ning Xiafei’s departing figure. Her pair of brows were wrinkled into an ugly shade.

This dead girl, was she really able to make a deal with Xicheng?




Half and hour later, A city’s top clubhouse – Imperial Palace

In a VIP room, when Xicheng saw Ning Xiaofei, who came in with Xu Yang, the fingers holding a tea cup slowly tightened. The strength he exerted almose crushed the porcelain tea cup to pieces.

Seeing the man at the table who was gnashing his teeth, Ning Xiaofei drew back a chair unceremoniously and sat down opposite him. She reached for a teacup on the table and drank a good swig.

“You’re such a cow chewing on peony.” (lacking a refined sensibility)

Xicheng squeezed out the words of disdain in between his clenched teeth.

Such a fine tea, why was she drinking it as if it’s mineral water?

Ning Xiaofei raised a hand and lifted the lid of the teapot. She opened her hand and a black U disk slid down her hand. Recognizing the U disk, Xicheng instantly stood up.

“Ning Xiaofei!”

The USB flash drive was left dangling in her fingers, swinging in the air but not falling into the teapot as she was holding the fastener of the U disk.

Xicheng who had his heart almost pop stuck in his throat was able to calm down again.

“Are you looking for death?”

This dead kid, he’s still arrogant when he has already fallen into her hands?

Ning Xiaofei clenched her teeth and released the clasp a little longer. Xicheng could only watch anxiously as the USB dipped down into the teapot.


“Miss Ning!” Xu Yang also hurried over. “Don’t be impulsive. Calm down, calm down!”

With that, he crept up to Xicheng’s side and winked.

Xicheng raised an eyebrow.

“Your are having eyes!”

Xu Yang bowed his head in defeat and moved closer to whisper in his ear.

“Watch what you’re doing!”

Xicheng however raised a hand and pushed him away. A pair of charming brown eyes then turned and glared coldly at Ning Xiaofei.

“Give my stuff back, this is yours!” He reached out and fished her mobile phone from his pocket and dropped it on the table. “If you dare damage my USB, I’ll rip your phone apart!”

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