Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Feng Chuge, fight!

This saying was nothing less than wonderful. The not-so secret broken engagement between Feng Chuge and He Lian Jin Yu which was buried just a moment ago fizzled out again all of a sudden.

Many people who have heard her nearby couldn’t help but burst out in laughter again.

He Lian Jin Yu also looked at Feng Chuge and sneered.

It’s obvious that the humiliation Feng Chuge was now facing was much too pleasing to him.

The bottom of Feng Chuge’s eyes flashed with a chill. She raised her lips and faced Shui Yuer….

“Miss Shui, I don’t know if anyone has ever told you of a saying. People who meddle too much, die the fastest…”

Awaiting the benefits of this remark, Feng Chuge leaned back leisurely on her seat.

With hands crossed across her chest, she portrayed an unimaginable indolence.

In this way, Shui Yuer almost thought she was just an illusion.

That Fang Chuge simply doesn’t care about the views of the crowd around them!

She was determined to humiliate Feng Chuge but Feng Chuge was simply unaffected ….

Being aware of this, anger thrummed through Shui Yuer’s veins.

“What? Did you think you could kill me based only on your strength? In this case, Feng Chuge, how about we give it a try?”

Feng Chuge’s eyes wandered across Shui Yuer’s face who still had a few visible scratches…. “Come on, what if you were to get a little more bruises on your recently recovered face?”

With that said, Feng Chuge also gifted Achen a look, “Achen, hold Meatball tightly. Don’t let it hurt people.”

When her caution fell, Meatball in Achen’s hands suddenly opened its mouth and issued a strange call “meow.”

Shui Yuer’s heart was spooked.

Looking at Feng Chuge again, when she was met with her condescending eyes, she couldn’t stand it anymore and stood up violently.

“Feng Chuge, I want to fight you! Do you dare!”

Her clear voice rang throughout the hall.

As the crowd heard this, they began their whispering once more.

Shui Yuer from the Shui Family has a spiritual power that could be considered quite good while Feng Chuge was just a waste. Such a duel should not be established at all.

Feng Chuge remained lazily leaning on the side with her lips raised, but no one could guess what she was thinking about.

Seeing that Feng Chuge wasn’t responding, Shui Yuer challenged, “Feng Chuge, didn’t you say you want to ruin my face? But now, if you can’t even dare to fight me, humph, you are just a piece of crap!!”

Shui Yuer’s whole face was covered with viciousness.

She was determined to humiliate Feng Chuge before the day ends today.

A burst of argument burst out among the spectators.

Everyone was waiting for the good show to begin, waiting to be entertained…

“Yuer, that’s enough. Don’t make trouble…”

Shui Wuji looked at his sister, only to feel a headache coming.

This younger sister was really too arrogant.

Shui Yuer brushed Shui Wuji aside and went to stand in front of Feng Chuge. She looked haughtily down at Feng Chuge who was calmly sitting down.

“Feng Chuge, you don’t dare, right? In that case…”

What Shui Yuer wanted to say was halted as Feng Chuge who has been looking down suddenly blinked up.

She stretched her lips slightly, her eyes shining with a few flashes of shadows.

She got up with her pair of eyes amusedly fixed on Shui Yuer.

“Miss Shui is really considerate. If I refuse, wouldn’t Miss Shui’s concern be in vain?”

The coldness lurking deep within her eyes rendered Shui Yuer momentarily stunned.

But in a flash, Shui Yuer snapped out of it. —-

Several meaningful smiles spread across her face.

She only got up to incite this waste to fight back. She didn’t know that her method of goading cold actually be this powerful that Feng Chuge even stood up and accepted her challenge…

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  1. show your real power Chuge dear, its really not your type to hold on your grudge. flatten all your enemy !l


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