EP – Chapater 86

Chapter 86: What about it?


The Xicheng that has always been famed and has his eyes always up in the sky?


Not to say everyone, even Ning Xiaofei has some doubts whether the receptionist has made a mistake.

“You’re saying, Xicheng is looking for me?

“Yes. ” The receptionist answered excitedly. “He seems anxious. He also said that if you don’t pick it up, he will come over.”

Although she’s been working at the TV station for some time and has seen any star that has been invited on stage, Xicheng, such a huge name, talking to him just on the phone has made her totally excited.

Come over in person?

Did he think she’ll be afraid if he comes?


Ning Xiaofei frowned out of the conference room, grabbed the phone on the front desk and opened her mouth impatiently.


First throw her phone and then call her…. At the moment, Ning Xiaofei certainly wasn’t in the mood to chat with him.

At the same time, a few footsteps could be heard behind her. A group of young girls have already heard what the receptionist has said. One by one, they covered their mouth, preventing themselves from screaming in front of the front desk.

In the conference room, Pei Ruoxi also couldn’t sit still.

This girl, was she really able to invit e Xicheng?


Maybe…. She’s just bluffing.

Thinking of this, she got up and left her seat pretending to answer a call and walked out of the conference room.

Everyone at the table was exchanging glances, all of them screaming in their minds but just because Ji Mo was still sitting there, they could only sit still fighting off their curiosity.

“Ning Xiaofei?”

The man’s melodious voice was transmitted through the phone, of course, his overbearing attitude couldn’t be more evident.

“If you have anything to say, don’t talk shit!”

Ning Xiaofei returned irately.

Originally, Xicheng was a bit guilty. After all, he has unquestionably broken her computer.

On hearing the gir’s answer, his guilt transformed into bad temper.

“Let me tell you Ning Xiaofie, better send my stuff over in an hour!”

Ning Xiaofei immediately raged, “What are you talking about, when have I taken what’s yours?”

“The USB flash drive you took is mine. I will send yours in an hour. Your mobile phone and computer, I’ll compensate. If the flash drive has even one screw loose, if the file inside has even a bit of a damage, don’t blame me for not being polite!”

Ning Xiaofei also threatened, “Then you listen to me, too! You’d better come over and return it, or else…”

“Dead girl, don’t push your luck!”

“What about it, I can still eat rice today!” (not sure of the meaning of this, please excuse the translation :))


Ning Xiaofei slammed the phone down.

What a really annoying person. He has thrown away her phone, broken her computer and now, even her flash drive is in his hands…he’s truly outrageous!

“Xiaofei, it’s really Xicheng!”

“Yeah, Xiaofei, you… How did you know him?”


A few younger girls immediately gathered around heard, twittering and asking.

In a corner, Pei Ruoxi sneered.

“Xicheng? I think…. it would be easier to just go and die!”

If that was really Xicheng, Ning Xiaofei dared to talk to him in this manner?

If she really had to deal with Xicheng, she wouldn’t have said anything about changing guests or anything like that….

Pei Ruoxi immediately concluded that this was just a trick Ning Xiaofei was playing.

Ning Xiaofei heard her sarcastic remark and retorted coldly, “Miss Pei, if you want to die, go on your own. Don’t pull me along, I haven’t lived enough yet!”

“Rest assured, I will live well!” Pei Ruoxi walked ahead of her with her high heels. “After all, life is too short. Today is the second day. Tomorrow is the last day. Time waits for no one. If you have such a potential as a newbie, leaving the TV station would really be a pity!”

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