EP – Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Thought you knew me well

Xicheng snorted, “Cut – thought you knew me well?”

He grumbled, the finger holding the mouse moved gently and continued to scroll down.

On the table, his phone rang and he took it to his ear.

“Mr. Xicheng, Miss Ning’s phone number has been traced.”

“Call her right away…” Speaking of which, Xicheng stopped him again, “send me her number, I’ll do it myself!”



TV station

When Ning Xiaofei arrived, the receptionist on the front desk immediately ran from behind the counter and grabbed her arm, “Miss, where have you gone, we have been looking all over for you like crazy.”

Ning Xiaofei replied a bit dispiritedly, “Sorry, I had an urgent matter to do!”

Seeing her pale complexion with her cheeks strangely flushed, she looked very haggard. The receptionist lowered her voice.

“Are you sick, why do you look so bad?”

“I’ve a bit of a headache.”

“Then, you should’ve call in sick. Get in there, Ji Mo’s losing his temper in the conference room!”

Thanking the receptionist, Ning Xiaofei raised a hand to swipe off a few strands of hair from her foreead. She walked and gently opened the office door just in time to hear Ji Mo’s voice.

“Zhang Yue, call her again and tell her that if she doesn’t appear in the next hour, she…” Catching sight of Ning Xiaofei who was standing by the door, he slammed the files he was holding on the table and exploded, “What do you think of this place, a hotel or a supermarket where you come and go as you wish?”

“I’m sorry.” Ning Xiaofei bent down towards everyone. “It’s my fault for being late. I apologize to everyone.”

“Either way, you’re late. Don’t waste everyone’s time and life.” Pei Ruoxi who was sitting across the table sneered. “Today is only the second day. The show’s guest, you didn’t forget them, right? If not even one comes, the time to invite other guests and rewriting the plan, I’m afraid it’s already too late!”

“I…” Ning Xiaofei grit her teeth and looked back at Ji Mo. “Director Ji Mo, about the guests of the show, I want to talk to you alone.”

“What?” Pei Ruoxi gibed, “Are there any shady secrets that can’t be known to others?”

“Pei Ruoxi, pay attention with your words!” Ji Mo warned and looked back at Ning Xiaofei, “If there is anything, just say it here.”

Since this matter can’t be hidden, then there’s no reason to evade.

For the entire column group, Ning Xiaofei now doesn’t care much.

“I think we have to reconsider the first guests. Neither of these two have time.”

“No time? That’s a good excuse.” Pei Ruoxi laughed scornfully. “Ning Xiaofei, I’m afraid you haven’t even seen any of these two’s figures, have you?”

Dang dang dang!

Ning Xiaofei was about to retort when a knock came at the door.

“Come in!”

Ji Mo called out unpleasantly.

The girl at the reception desk opened the door, “Director Ji Mo, a call for Xiaofei.”

Was she kidding? She has appeared late and hasn’t even spoke more than a couple of sentences and now, she has a call? Is she so busy?

When Ji Mo heard her, he frowned, “Hang up, tell him to call again.”

“But…” The receptionist hesitated, “He said that he is Xicheng. He seems to be in hurry and said that Xiaofei had better answer the phone immediately.”


Upon hearing that name, everyone’s gaze fell on Ning Xiaofei in astonishment. Not only Pei Ruoxi, even Ji Mo, moved his eyes to Ning Xiaofei.

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