Chapter 51

Chapter 51: The shortcut to Tiandi Fu

Yuntian College is an existence that brings honor to the Yuntian Continent.

Only those who were specially talented in each family could go for further studies.

At present, among the juniors in Tiandi and the four major families, their people have more or less successfully enrolled in the school. Only this junior of the royal family, He Lian Jin Yu hasn’t qualified yet.

It was also because of this that even the royal family in recent years, the He Lian family were still unable to lift their heads in front of the four major families.

However, fortunately, He Lian Jin Yu broke through the realm of Spirits not long ago. Not only did he successfully advanced to a junior spiritual division but also reached the basic requirement of entering Yuntian College.

In this way, the He Lian family put all their hopes on He Lian Jin Yu.

So long as he successfully enters Yuntian College, the He Lian Family can then really raise their heads.

With He Lian Jin Yu mentioning Yuntian College, the Emperess and the Emperor’s faces couldn’t help but change.

After seeing his mother and father’s reactions, Hen Lian Jin Yu continued t add fire. “Father, Mother, if you really want this Prince to marry her, this Prince will not go to Yuntian College!!”

This sentence, like a booming thunder, blasted in the hearts of the Emperor and Empress.

Not only them, even the people below the throne viewed this turn of events strangely. The crowd didn’t think that the Third Prince would be so resolute.

The words the Third Prince has said has totally cut off any hope of reconcialation on Feng Chuge’s side….

In a flash….




Eyes brimming with all kinds of emotions were directed to Feng Chuge.

Feng Chuge was standing on the side silently, listening to He Lian Jin Yu making his stand. The corners of her lips only quirked up in a smile —

All right, very good!

With He Lian Jin Yu taking the initiative, she won’t have to bother coming up with methods to cancel the marriage!!

But, what did He Lian Jin Yu just say??

Marrying him would be a harming him??

Feng Chuge secretly snickered —

Even he would beg her to marry him, she won’t give a damn!!!

She raised her face up to the Emperor on the high seat. “Your Majesties, since the Third Prince isn’t willing to marry, then there’s no need to trouble him…”

The couple exchanged looks and laughed out loud.

“All right, tonight is a banquet to welcome Feng Chuge back. For other matters, let’s leave them for another day…”

In a word, the issue was shifted to another.

The banquiet was finally set in motion.

The crowd finally lifted their eyes on Feng Chuge and no longer looked at her with their strange gazes….

“Zilan, what are the requirements for entering Yuntian College?” Feng Chuge leaned on her chair and raised a questioning brow.

“Only a master who is under 18 and has reached the Spiritual Master stage are eligible to participate in the entrance examination of Yuntian College. After the test, only then can you go in….”

With her Miss’s current strength, it would be easy for her to enter Yuntian College.

Not to mention her Miss, all three of them who serve their miss have met the criteria to enter.

Zilan thought for a moment and then asked, “Miss, do you want to go to Yuntian College to play?”

Without waiting for Feng Chuge to answer, Achen who had his head lowered for the entire time playing with the stupid cat suddenly raised his head to butt in, “Woman, Yuntian College is a shortcut to Tiandi Fu. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for three years for the test to enter Tiandi Fu.”

“Tiandi Fu? Not interested.” Feng Chuge pursed her lips.

A few strange rays flashed through Achen’s eyes, but they were only fleeting. “The Treasure Hosue of Yuntian College is said to have many rare herbs…. including thousands of fluids, ice silkworm blood…”

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