Chapter 221

Chapter 221: Are you trembling?

His strokes were feathery, slow and light but they tickle.

A faint hint of current rose from the hand he was cradling. Fang Chixia woodenly stood still, her head blanked out for a few seconds, before snatching her hand away.

Luo Yibei ignored it and recaptured her hand to fiddle with by himself.

This very much felt like being toyed with.

Whenever he does so, her shoulders would have to follow.

From where Xiao Zuo was, their intimate interplay was totally concealed. He however noticed the trembling on Fang Chixia’s shoulders.

With wide expectant eyes trained on the two, he couldn’t help but spit out, “Stupid woman, are you trembling?”

Fang Chixia, “…”

Luo Yibei shot her a glance, an expression of challenge beneath his eyes.

Fang Chixia glowered at him and then at her hand in his.

Her hand was originally small and wasn’t even half the size of Luo Yibei’s palm. It was totally impossible for her to wrap hers around his.

Such struggle was doomed to failure even from the start.

The milky tone of her hand added to its softness and frailty.

Luo Yibei stared down at the hand he had covered for a while without stopping his caress, his fingertips changed directions and included stroking the back of her hand.

Subtle thin layers of calluses were on his palms, presumably due to regular exercise.

As they glided through her skin, a crisp, puffy, ticklish current shot directly through her senses, directly spreading to her heart.

He’s totally teasing her, unreservedly teasing her!

In no time at all, red bloomed across Fang Chixia’s face as if warmed by the fire.

With Xiao Zuo still sitting back there, instead of snatching her hand back again, she directly pinched one of his hands.

However, on the act of twisting a tiny piece of skin on the back of his hand with no apparent effect yet, Xiao Zuo suddenly trotted over.

“Why are you still fanning, is it not cold yet? Here, I’ll help you!” He rested one hand on the dest and dipped one fingertip to feel the temperature. Judging that it was still quite hot, he reached for the document on Fang Chixia’s hold and started fanning.

His course of actions were well-behaved that Fang Chixia, who had always experienced his poisonous tongue, took some time to get around this thoughtful act.

Xiao Zuo ignored the both of them and holding the files on his hand, gently helped her fan the cup, in all seriousness.

He was actually distressed seeing Fang Chixia working so hard. Although, he has always previously criticized her, it could be counted as him trying to protect her.

Being supported by a seven-year-old child created havoc in Fang Chixia’s heart. A mixture of emotions burned within her and she didn’t know how to react.

Xiao Zuo has been the very first person in the Luo Family to have defended her and treated her nicely.

With the exception whenever he calls her!

Luo Yibei himself didn’t expect Xiao Zuo’s offer. Compared with him, Luo Yibei felt that he was a big bad guy who takes pleasure in bullying the weak.

Rarely had Luo Yibei ever had self-depreciation.

“It’s alright. It doesn’t matter. Just leave it like this.” Freeing Fang Chixia’s hand, Luo Yibei gently pushed Xiao Zuo’s hand away from the cup.

“Still not going out!” Xiao Zuo seized this opportunity and dragged Fang Chixia out of the office.

In fact, he saw nothing of what transpired between the two. He just concluded in his usual way that Luo Yibei was deliberately picking on Fang Chixia, so he took the first chance to get her out of it.

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