EP – Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Momentary fit of temper of his own master


The hotel elevator stopped, the elevator door separated, and Mu Tianye, who had just retured from a banquet, walked out of it.

Zhou Tao followed closely. Feeling his phone vibrate, he took a glimpse at the caller and stopped on his tracks.

“You go first, I’ll answer this call.”

Mu Tianye paused, looked at him but wordlessly proceeded to his room.

Zhou Tao hurriedly connected the call, “How’s it going, no contact?”

At the other end of the phone was a domestic staff.

“Assistant Zhou, we just called the TV station. Miss Ning’s colleague said that she didn’t go to work today.

Zhou Tou immediately frowned, “Is she on a leave of absence?”

“The person said they were looking for her, too. Miss Ning didn’t file for a leave nor call in sick.”

“All right, got it.”

Zhou Tou couldn’t help but be in deep thoughts after ending the call. He swiped his finger across his phone’s screen to look for Ning Xiaofei’s number, then dialed it again.

“Sorry, the number you dialed has been turned off. “

The prompt on the phone was still the same.

Zhou Tao dialed another two times ending with the same result. Unwilling to give up, he entered his own room and headed to the landline. He dialed the number and called, but no one answered.

“Where the hell are you?”

Because Mu Tianye went wild before when he received Ning Xiaofei’s call, he had to hang up earlier without saying anything more as it was not convenient to do so.

Until later when Mu Tianye has calmed down had he time to call her back. It was just that the result was ‘the phone has been turned off.’

He couldn’t get through several times so he called the aparment and the villa. But nobody answered on either side.

Afterwards, he accompanied Mu Tianye for the signing of a contract so he had to set the matter aside for the time being.

It was not until dinner that he had time to contact Ning Xiaofei again. And as a result, texts and calls, were all like drowned into the river with no response at all.

In desperation, he had to order a domestic staff to hit the phone and inquire for Ning Xiaofei at the station.

Who would have expected that she still hasn’t gone to work.

Glancing at the room not far away, Zhou Tao pondered and made a decision. He pushed his way through the door and poured a glass of juice to help Mu Tianye sober up. He opened his lips ready to speak his mind but nothing came out.

Mu Tianye raised an eyebrow at this.


Zhuo Tao has been with Mu Tianye’s for some years. Mu Tianye certainly has a good understanding of him. Just a glance tells him that he has something to say.

Although Mu Tianye has already forbidden him to mention Ning Xiaofei’s name in front of him, but considering that it might just have been a momentary fit of temper of his own master, Zhou Tao braced himself and opened his mouth.

“Chief Mu, I’ve been in contact with your lady only when we got off the plane. But since then, she has been unreachable. Accordingly, she hasn’t gone to work at the TV station and her mobile phone has been turned off. I’m worried that something might have happened to her!”

This man was only hot in the head at the moment. But after a few days when he’s not angry anymore and questioned her, this was something he couldn’t afford to take.

Ning Xiaofei?

Upon hearing the word ‘lady’, Mu Tianye’s eyebrows instantaneously snapped together. Listening to latter part of the Zhou Tao’s sentence, Mu Tianye slammed the glass of juice on the table.

“Does it have anything to do with me?”

Zhou Tao was rendered speechless and for a moment, he whispered.

“That…. Nothing. Rest early.”

Raising the glass of juice to his lips, Mu Tianye snorted.

She was no longer a child. What could happen to a grown-up like her?

After swallowing a mouthful of juice, he frowned and reached for the hotel’s landline. He then dialed Ning Xiaofei’s number.

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