Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Under a big tree, the shade is plentiful

The interaction between the two bore the resemblance of isolating all outsiders.

When He Lian Zi Xuan finally left, Achen sat up straight and turned his head. He looked seriously at the Feng Chuge.

“Woman, in the future, you are not allowed to dress so beautifully.”

Feng Chuge has only taken in a fruit but after hearing his decree, she almost choked.

She gave a lopsided grin, “Kid, your sister was born beautiful.”

Achen raised a brow and crossed his hands on his chest. “No matter, anyway, you are not allowed to dress up so well in front of others.”

Feng Chuge’s face stiffened.

She found that the mindset of this child is really difficult for her to understand~~~


At the same time, almost all the people present regarded their exchange, intentionally or unintentionally.

A myriad of emotions swelled within the gazes of the crowd watching this scene.

Some with envy, some with surprise, and some with disdain.

In the crowd, there were two particular gazes that fell on Feng Chuge….

One was Shui Yuer nearby was still processing that this woman was Feng Chuge…..

And the other was Feng Qianxue who was married off to the Yun Family….

Shui Yuer has been stunned on her seat, unable to completely regain her senses….

Her brain was still playing around the name of the woman on the side that the Third Prince and the Fifth Prince have mentioned.

Feng Chuge….

She….. She is Feng Chuge….

Her pair of eyes widened bigger and bigger, not believing this sudden piece of news.

It has always been rumored that Feng Chuge was incomparably ugly. Not only that, for many years, Feng Chuge has always been a source of joke in their family.

But now, someone claimed that this stunning woman, this woman who hurt her not long ago, was Feng Chuge.

How would she find that acceptable?

“It turns out that you are that Feng Chuge…” Shui Yuer said with animosity as her eyes flayed her.

Feng Chuge slightly turned her head to look at Shui Yuer, and then nodded. “Hmmm ~~ I am.”

“Feng Chuge…. You are really the opposite what the rumors have said.” Shui Yuer swept a look at Zilan who was standing behind Feng Chuge.

Shui Yuer could still remember, that day at the underground market, this maid was the one who blocked her attack at Feng Chuge.

Once again, thinking of the rumors going around that Feng Chuge was able to counterattack the Feng Family, Shui Yuer immediately concluded that she only relied on this maid. Feng Chuge. She must have thought she has everything going her way.

With this deduction, she sneered.

What about her stunning looks? At the end of the day, it’s just crap!

“Under a big tree, the shade is really plentiful. Miss Feng must have found a good backing. Now, you don’t have to worry about anything, even if you’re just a waste.”

Feng Chuge just turned a deaf ear on these acrimonious remarks, treating everything she was spouting as nothing to do with her.

Zilan has always been short-tempered. She has never spared anyone who slanders her young Miss. When Shui Yuer’s comments reached her ears, she demanded indignantly, “What did you say?”

As soon as Shui Yuer met the murderous glare of Zilan, she trembled and eventually averted her eyes.

“Miss Feng, my younger sister is young and doesn’t know what she’s talking about… I hope you’ll forgive her.” Shui Wuji who was sitting next to Shui Yuer noticed that the situation wasn’t right so he stepped forward and immediately apologized.

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