Chapter 218

Chapter 218: Starting tomorrow, you’re mine (1)

Luo Yibei and Shi Jinyang walked across the deck. Two waiters approached holding two trays. When the trays covered with white cloths were uncovered, there were… two guns!

Fang Chixia was perplexed at what the two men were about. When she saw the guns, her pupils shrank slightly and her eyes fell on the faces of the two.

Luo Yibei picked one of the golden pistols up, wiped it leisurely with the white cloth covering the tray. Then he casually weighed it in his hand for a while, then proceeded to the ship’s stern.

His eyes swept Shi Jinyang, waiting for his move.

Shi Jinyang picked up the other gun and slowly followed him through.

The position where the two were standing was facing the bow, directly following a straight line pointing to the Louis XIV rose that was buried in the multitude of red roses surrounding the bow. This seemed to be a shooting game.

“You better consider it thoroughly. Don’t forget your promise last night.” Luo Yibei reminded, his eyes locked on the rose as he slowly raised the gun in his hand.

The gun in Shi Jinyang’s hand rose at the exact same time.

The ship was huge. The bow and the stern were far apart. At the stern, the rose appeared like a tiny dot. Aiming at it would be difficult.

What made Fang Chixia even more surprised was as the two men raised their guns, a burst of fireworks suddenly were lit off on the ship, followed by a flock of seagulls flew from all directions, flapping their wings and hovering over the bow, with intention of leaving.

They only stayed hovering over the bow.

This abrupt state of play has undoubtedly heightened the difficulty for them. The rose that wasn’t easy to aim at, appeared even more invisible with the flock of seagulls flying around.

Only when they occasionally leave a gap could they barely see its shadow.

But not a moment later, the seagulls that flew over and over above, covered it up.

Fang Chixia just looked on at the dazzling picture, not to mention Luo Yibei and Shi Jinyang.

From beginning to end, Luo Yibei’s gaze was locked at the point at which his gun was aiming at. There were several seagulls in front of his vision, blocking the target.

The sharpness of his eyes considered the obstructions in the middle non-existent and just focused on that point, then his finger slowly pulled the trigger —

After another round of fireworks on the ship, along with a gunshot ‘bang’, a bullet pierced the air. The blast scared the seagulls in front of him and in a puff, they flapped their wings once more and akin to a swarm of bees, they scattered.

The bullet shot the Luois XIV rose with precision.

The heart of the flowers, the core!

Marksmanship, insanely accurate!

Moreover, it was still under the premise of a dynamic barrier.

Fang Chixia was amazed at this skill and her eyes unabashedly laid open traces of awe.

Shi Jinyang also fired his own gun simultaneously. However, it was a beat later than him. The flower was only a tiny one. After Luo Yibei’s pre-emptive shot, his missed.

As a matter of face, the distance was just a few millimeters at most and visual inspection wouldn’t reveal it nor after comparison if they were to go over there.

Luo Yibei quietly watched his work, and the man’s cold haughty jaw slightly lifted up.

“You won.” Shi Jinyang simply announced. He placed the gun in his hand back on the tray in a waiter’s hand and turned to the cabin.

Luo Yibei wanted to go after him but was pulled by Fang Chixia, “What were you betting on?”

Somehow, she couldn’t shake off a bad premonition.

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