Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Femme fatale!!

Among the four families, only two families are in a row.

The Rong and the Yun family are sitting together.

The Feng Family is sitting together with the Shui Family.

That vacant spot, it might be a coincidence, but it just so happened to be beside Shui Yuer.

Beside the seat, Shui Yuer has already turned gloomy and at the sight of Feng Chuge heading her way, her face turned increasingly ugly.

“It’s you-” Until Feng Chuge came close to her, Shui Yuer clenched her teeth and two words spilled out from her throat…

Feng Chuge glanced at Shui Yuer and then cocked a brow, “We meet again, Miss Shui…”

That shallow smile, stung the eyes of Shui Yuer.

If it hadn’t been for them being in a public place, Shui Yuer was estimated to have a seizure.

“What are you doing sitting here? This is not your place.” Seeing Feng Chuge who was about to sit down, Shui Yuer sneer.

Feng Chuge didn’t respond and sat down directly.

“Come Achen, sit here.” Feng Chuge called to Achen and patted her side for him to sit.

Seeing Meatball that was oppressed all the way from Achen’s hold, after hearing this grating sound, it’s nose shrank slightly.

It suddenly opened its eyes and called out, “Meow~~”

Shui Yuer then noticed the child behind Feng Chuge and the cat in his arms, she immediately shut her mouth.

She reached out and caressed her face.

Although the scars has gradually faded away.

Seeing that cat again, Shui Yuer thought back at that day.

A streak of viciousness flashed at the bottom of her eyes. Shui Yuer looked at the cat and vowed inwardly: Little beast, sooner or later, I will rip your skin apart!

That untraceable viciousness were tightly locked within this woman’s stunning countenance.

But all of a sudden, her pupils shrank —

The spot where this woman was sitting was clearly reserved for the seat of Feng Chuge!

When the most anticipated arrival of the extremely ugly Feng Chuge didn’t happen as seconds ticked by, the thought of the crowd shifted all at once. Is it possible that….

As everybody was lost in their own thoughts, a yell outside drew their attention.

“Feng Chuge, how dare you say you didn’t do anything to Waner?!”

Just this ‘Feng Chuge’ instantly rendered everybody a change in their expressions…

Feng Chuge…

This superb woman, she’s Feng Chuge?

No… he’s kidding, right?

Wasn’t it rumored outside that Feng Chuge was one ugly girl?

Just a moment ago, they were discussing the appearance of Feng Chuge.

The look on everybody’s faces was particularly wonderful.

Zilan who was standing behind Feng Chuge took in everybody’s ugly expressions as if they’ve eaten their own excrements, and her heart whooped in satisfaction!

Feng Chuge on the other hand ignored everyone’s reaction in the periphery of her vision and only focused on where that yell came.

In front of her, the third prince, He Lian Jin Yu, stood in his black brocade robes, his face distorted in anger.

At this moment, his handsome face was full of killing intent.

The Feng Family was all driven out and it wall all done by this woman!

Recalling the time when he gave shelter to Waner, her tearful cries drove He Lian Jin Yu to loathe Feng Chuge even more.

In his eyes, this Feng Chuge is a viper and a femme fatale!

His pitiful Qingwan, her face is now completely ruined.

The junior refining pharmacist in the third Prince’s household told him that only by finding the congealing snow pill could they get rid of the scars on the Feng Qingwan’s face.

Otherwise, Feng Qingwan’s face was estimated to be utterly done for.

Feng Chuge raised her head slightly and looked at the person who was speaking. After recognizing the one in front of her, she smiled and said, “Hey, aren’t you the Prince.”
“Feng Chuge, what the hell are you going to do?” He Lian Jin Yu’s pair of eyes were almost spurting fire.

“This prince, we haven’t go to the point where we have to share everything, have we?” Feng Chuge shot over her head, as indifferent as ever.

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