Chapter 216

Chapter 216: Call me Grandpa.

“Where are you uncomfortable? What medicine? Where did you put it?” Fang Chixia searched him but couldn’t find anything that resembled a medicine. She assisted him to a lounge chair then sat next to him. She asked, “Do you need me to buy it?”

“Stomach medicine…” Luo Enqi rubbed his abdomen, his expression not getting better by the moment.

Fang Chixia was a bit taken aback. Was this just a bout of stomach pain?

Wanting to help him buy the medicine at the same time reluctant to leave in case he would be much danger after she leaves, she finally took out her phone and dialed Tong Yan’s number, “Yan Yan, please go to if there is a pharmacy nearby. Help me buy a stomach medicine. I’ll wait for you at the restaurant.”

With a simple account, she hung up the phone.

She wasn’t really sure if there is a pharmacy nearby, so she doesn’t know how long it would take Tong Yan to come back.

“You can bear it!” Looking at Luo Enqi at an obviously bad shape, she helped him lean against the wall behind him, crouched in front of him, cradled one of his hands and starting massaging it.

Her movements remained gentle without any sense of what she was doing. Her fingertips worked on his wrists back and forth, then later the other three times.

She just did so back and forth. She didn’t know how long it took until Luo Enqi’s face slowly eased, and the cold sweat on his forehead stopped.

She was helping him relieve the pain through hand therapy.

Luo Enqi observed her quietly as she dedicatedly went on with her massage and his gaze went unusually soft.

From the moment he first saw her, he surmised that she was smarter than most, but he never expected her to know even such things.

This girl, once again made him take another look.

“Is it better?” Fang Chixia raised her head and asked again.

“It’s alright.” Luo Enqi weakly smiled at her. “What a coincidence, did you also come here to eat?”

“Yes, with a friend.” Fang Chixia replied politely.

“Since we’ve come across each other, let’s go together!” Luo Enqi stood up, took two steps, stopped and offered his elbow to her.

Fang Chixia was stunned. She found his offer unexpected but she wasn’t stupid.

She understood that he was letting her hold him.

This kind of assistance for an elder was generally for those qualified and closest people around him. This was the cause for Fang Chixia’s surprise.

“Let’s go!” Luo Enqi motioned.

Fang Chixia pulled herself together, walked a few steps and held his arms then they went together to the restaurant.

When they arrived at the seat where Luo Enqi was sitting, Tong Yan just came back with the medicine.

“Who’s sick? Is it you Xia Xia? When did you have a stomach problem?” Tong Yan ran towards their direction with a pile of stuff.

Upon seeing Luo Enqi, she stiffened then looked back at Fang Chixia.

Fang Chixia was sitting next to him, apparently approved by the old man.

Does Grandpa like Xia Xia?

Realizing this problem, Tong Yan was torn whether she should be happy for her or not.

“Yan Yatou, you are also here. Do you know this girl? Come on, sit down!” Luo Enqi looked up at her and smiled. He motioned for her to take a seat.

“Grandpa, are you not feeling well?” Tong Yan sat down and handed him the medicine. She then glanced at Fang Chixia.

“I just happened to meet this old Mister, so we came together.” Fang Chixia explained.

“What old Mister, since you are acquainted with Yan Yan, just call me Grandpa!” Luo Enqi corrected her and then drew a waiter for their meal.

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  1. Yibei better start acting nicer/ more tender to Chixia . She’s got two really important family members on her side,. The top and the bottom.

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