Chapter 214

Chapter 214: Not a decent couple

When Luo Yibei and Fang Chixia rushed at the hospital together, Shi Jinyang has not woken up yet. Since last night when he was sent over, he remained asleep.

Tong Yan was by his bedside, her head resting on the edge of the bed, as if he hasn’t slept all night. Even her long hair was disheveled.

It was still very early in the morning and seeing the two people together, it was obvious that they spent the whole night in each other’s company. It’s not just Luo Yibei who had such a thought, even Fang Chixia, at the sight of the two, her mouth formed an O.

“What happened to you last night?” Standing at the door, she didn’t immediately rushed in. Her eyes first rested at the bed and then turned to Tong Yan. Her question was not much different with Luo Yibei’s.

Tong Yan was lost for words at her remark and was absolutely rendered speechless.

This is really a tacit understanding!

Shouldn’t their first concern be why Shi Jinyang was lying in bed?

“Fang Chixia, be serious!” Tong Yan yelled at her, her voice was raised a bit loud.

Fang Chixia immediately corrected her attitude at her roar, pouted, and took several steps towards her. She then changed the topic, “What’s the matter? How come you came to the hospital? Is Shi Jinyang okay?”

She has just pulled the topic back to a normal question, but who knew, out of nowhere, Xiao Zuo butted in, “Tong Yan sister, you were together the whole night, ah? What have you done all night to have rendered him in bed?”

Xiao Zuo was only seven years old. His childish question was very likely asked with no attention to the word order and was structured innocently. However, it leaned more to an improper thought so that Fang Chixia whose mind has taken the serious road, couldn’t help but get crooked again.

“Xiao Zuo, what are you talking about?” Tong Yan was struck dumb again and for a moment didn’t know how to answer him.

“Is there something wrong?” Xiao Zuo tilted his head and looked at her with a smile, asking innocently.

Tong Yan was speechless.

What made her even more speechless was that Xiao Zuo seemed to have dug something out of his pocket. He excitedly held his phone and as soon as he turned around, he ran out and began calling one after another in his contacts.

“Hey, Grandpa. Do you want to hear an explosive news? Last night, sister Tong Yan and brother Jinyang spent the whole night together, the whole night! Oh!”

“Second Uncle, I have secret news here about Sister Tong Yan and brother Jinyang…”

“Uncle Shi, young master didn’t return last night, right?”

“Aunt Yao Yao, last night, Sister Tong Yan was with brother Jinyang. Do you think, Uncle Ya Feng will kill him later?”



In all honesty, Xiao Zuo wasn’t usually this talkative. But after coming out the Luo’s Mansion, how could he talk non-stop?

At this moment, he was comparable with a little trumpet. After entering the ward and witnessing this scene, he called a family after family who were familiar with Tong Yan and Shi Jinyang. In a matter of minutes, the news has all but spread out.

The ward turned lively within a moment.

Shi Jinyang who was still in bed was awakened by his chatter, even when his head was still spinning crazy.

“Xiao Zuo, what are you doing?” Looking at the little figure by the door, the corner of Shi Jinyang’s eyes twitched.

Xiao Zuo looked at him sideways then graced him with a toothy grin coupled with a very innocent expression, “You’re awake?”

Fang Chixia stood petrified at what she has just witnessed. Noiselessly, she distanced herself further away from Luo Yibei. Luckily, this little guy didn’t see them together last night.

Fang Chixia dared not imagine if Xiao Zuo were to know of her relationship with Luo Yibei.

Looks like she needs to avoid this little devil later on!

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