Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Feng Chuge in everyone’s eyes.

“I heard that the face of the Miss of the Feng Family is as big as a cake, her waist is thick and round, she’s a whole ugly woman…,” someone sighed.

“Moreover, the young lady of the Feng Family is a complete waste, that is because she reached the age of 10 and has not a trace of spiritual power. What a shame to the Feng Family. This was the reason she was driven out of the Feng residence by Feng Zhaoyang…”

“I didn’t expect that such a waste would return after six years, and the Feng Family would turn out like this…”

“It must be that Feng Chuge has found a backing, and that’s how powerful she has become…”

“Haha… I am really looking forward to seeing the real face of this Miss Feng. It’s strange to say that one Miss of the Feng Family is a famous beauty beyond the heavens and this Feng Chuge is one that is so ugly.”


Only for a moment, all kinds of arguments and sneers came one after the other.

The people who have already arrived were waiting for Feng Chuge’s appearance…

Feng Chuge led Achen and Zilan in. They slowly walked into the banquet hall. As soon as they entered, the heard the rustling noise from the crowd’s discussion.

Zilan who was following behind heard everything and her face instantly changed.

She moved, as if to go forward, but was stopped by Feng Chuge.

“Miss, they are just too much!”

Feng Chuge’s eyes wandered with unnerving thoroughness at the crowd of people and the corner of her lips rose coldly, “Be calm..”

Her eyes fell on an empty seat, “We’ll sit there.”

Dropping that order, they walked to a certain spot….

In the crowd, someone sharp-eyed have seen Feng Chuge and exclaimed in surprise, “Hey, who is this Miss?”

Along with that shout, the crowd all turned to the entrance and saw a lady in white, slowly approaching them.

The woman was covered in a white dress with her hair simply bundled.

Her small face was enhanced by exquisite makeup.

Both eyebrows were like clear waves, her deep eyes were glowing like amber, glowing with flashes of light.

As she walked forward, her body swayed one step at a time, blooming with full of splendor….

The people present were all gob smacked at the sight of the beauty, turning the boisterous hall just a moment ago suddenly silent.

Scrutinizing the lady, the crown began to speculate —

Who the hell is this woman?

How was it possible that she born this beautiful?

How did they never know that there was such a beauteous woman among the four families?

At the banquet, the heads of the three major families together with their younger masters all came together.

Shui Yuer and Shui Wuji were also present in the crowd.

On the same day that Shui Yuer was wounded by Meatball, fortunately there was an intermediate refining pharmacist in the family, the scar on her face was almost non-existent.

However, if you look closely, there were still faint traces of scratches.

Shui Yuer was only listening to the ladies who were talking about the Feng Family and her lips rose in jeer.

She despised the young Miss of the Feng Family anyway.

The young Miss of the Feng Family, Feng Chuge, has always been a joke in their family circle.

Suddenly, she could only hear the sound of gasps in the crowd.

She followed the crowd’s eyes….

When she saw the woman in white, Shui Yuer’s face instantly changed.

It’s her!!

The woman in the underground market!


The reaction of the crowd was no less than funny.

Zilan who was behind Feng Chuge was originally resentful and simmering in anger because of these people chewing their tongues, but the moment she saw their eyes looking at her young miss with awe, she couldn’t help but laugh in silence.

Let’s see when this group of people come to realize that this wonderful and brilliant person is no other than Feng Chuge, the extremely ugly miss. How comical would that will be…

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