Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Why is he so arrogant?

Achen continued to shoot daggers.

His razor-like gaze slashed straight at Meatball.

However, the kitten hiding in Feng Chuge’s arms wasn’t the least bit perturbed.

It knew that it was impossible for Achen to do anything with it at the moment.

Meatball was thoroughly human-savvy.

Perhaps after realizing that point, it became even more smug….

An invisible war slowly pulled off the curtain…

The eye battle between Achen and the kitten went unnoticed as Feng Chuge reclined on the side and closed her eyes for a nap.

Until the carriage stopped and Zilan who was driving outside called out, “Miss, we’ve arrived at the palace….”

Feng Chuge blinked her eyes open. Achen, we are here. Get down.”
Feng Chuge first alighted and after waiting for a long while, Achen still hasn’t come out.

Brushing the curtain aside, she was met with an expressionless Achen.

“What’s the matter? Why aren’t you getting off?”

Achen crossed his hands on his chest and with the same cold face, proudly opened his mouth, “It’s too high. I can’t get off.”

Feng Chuge glanced down at the sedan chair with just a little height from the inside, and finally muttered, “I’ll hold you down.”

Hearing her say that, Achen’s brows slightly dance and a trace of smile brightened the corner of his lips.

Feng Chuge moved a little forward and was about to hold him. Only then did she find that Meatball was still curled there and she couldn’t just put it down.

About to call Zilan to come over for help, Achen halted her, “I’ll carry Meatball… Then you can hold me.”

“Meow~~” With that offer, Meatball issued a mournful cry in protest.

But in the end, its protests were in vain.

Feng Chuge answered, “Okay.”
Thereafter, she handed Meatball to Achen and stretched her arms and carried Achen out of the carriage.

Until Achen stood down on his own feet, his lips then lightly curved, “Hand Meatball over to me today. It’s not convenient for you to carry it with you all the time…”

Feng Chuge smiled, touched at his thoughtfulness. “Then Achen has to work hard for us.”

Indeed, it wasn’t convenient for her to carry a cat all the time.

Moreover, it is too eye-catching ~~

Turning her head down, Feng Chuge looked at the kitten, “Meatball, be obedient~”

Meatball screamed “~” in answer.

It’d be obedient when he turned ghost!!

It struggled to escape from Achen but Achen tightly hugged it back…

Meatball could faintly sense an evil hand was slowly reaching out to its ears…

“Meow~….” Meatball screamed again…

“Meatball, don’t you like Achen” Why do you look so miserable? It would make outsiders look at me like I’m bullying you. Achen likes you. How can you do this to me? You will really hurt Achen’s feelings…” Achen suddenly widened his pair of big eyes and pitifully lamented.

Feng Chuge who has turned her back heard his complaint and her footsteps halted.

In this scenario, it clearly wasn’t what a cool kid would do.

She smiled….

Juvenile… Why is he so proud?

Turning around and looking at the face of Achen which was full of pretentious grievances, Feng Chuge eventually settled her gaze on Meatball in his embrace, “Meatball, don’t mess around. Otherwise, you’ll suffer the consequences…”

Meatball sobbed silently with its nose twitching from the injustice, without any means to escape, it could only curl up while trembling in Achen’s arms.


This banquet was actually grand.

The emperor has not only invited Feng Chuge but the other three major families in Tianqi were also invited over.

People from the three families also arrived one after the other.

It was not long before Feng Chuge’s arrival when all the people could not help but talk about her coming to the banquet this time….

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