Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Pulling the pitiful act ~~

When the make over was done, Zilan, Biluo and Luzhu couldn’t restrain their excitement. “Miss, when you enter the hall later like this, you’ll definitely knock down countless people.”

Feng Chuge looked up and stared at herself in the mirror in front.

The appearance of woman in the mirror was with no question, superb.

Although she has been staring at this face for six years now, she couldn’t help finding herself in a trance every time she looks at herself in the mirror.

With such fascinating appearance, Feng Chuge smiled, “Go, go out…”

Striding outside, she pushed the door open but was impeded by a little body.

Achen was standing tall outside with his head high, his stare fixed on Feng Chuge.

“Achen baby… Stay at home obediently and your sister will be back at night.” Feng Chuge crouched down and wiped off a speck of dust from Achen’s small face.

Achen carefully considered the well-dressed Feng Chuge. And after a long while, he asked, “Woman, where are you going to have dressed up beautifully?”

“I’m going to the palace for a banquet and return later.”

“I’ll go with you…” Achen interjected.

“This…” Feng Chuge felt a bit hesitant.

Feng Chuge couldn’t point out the Emperor of Tianqi’s goal however, she was certain that he wasn’t a good stubble! ( I don’t know what this means. That was how it came out 🙂

A man who turned his back on her at her most difficult time, could she still count him her uncle?

In this banquet, she fears they’ll be dangers about.

Achen was just a kid… If she takes him with her, what if something happens?

Seeing the indecisiveness in Feng Chuge’s face, Achen sniffled as if he has just suffered an injustice.

“Woman, do you have the heart to watch me stay alone at the Feng’s residence? The night is so dark and there’s not even a person around. I’m just a child alone, what if I’d be abducted, what are you going to do?”

The corner of Feng Chuge’s eyes twitched.

Good, pulling the pitiful act!

However, this trick was really quite effective.

Although knowing that Achen was just deliberately saying so, the wronged look on his face pulled at Feng Chuge’s heartstrings. She could only sigh, “Okay, let’s go together. But, don’t run around. You must follow me closely.”

“All right!” Achen’s eyes inadvertently revealed a touch of success.

He looked at Feng Chuge and his lips slightly curved.

Today, she was dressed so nicely. Of course, he must follow, just in case. Who would pay for her if she was accidentally abducted along the way?

Achen couldn’t help feeling annoyed at the thought of it.

He really couldn’t wait to grow up.

Now that he has turned into a child, he was like a piece of crap, he couldn’t do anything at all.


Not all the three maids accompanied her, only the most powerful, Zilan, went along.

Their carriage slowly trailed out of the Feng Residence.

With Zilan holding the reins outside, the atmosphere inside the carriage was a bit solemn…

Not for any other reason just because a stupid cat took over the embrace of Feng Chuge. And at the moment, a certain devil was looking daggers at that stupid cat unhappily.

So, Meatball huddled Feng Chuge’s bossom, clinging stubbornly as death was certain when it goes down.

It did not believe that with itself in its master’s arms, Achen would pick on him.

Achen looked at Meatball disgruntledly.

He has only been held in his future wife’s arms only a few times! As a result, this stupid cat was cherished and was in his lady’s arms almost every day!

A chilly gaze shot straight at Meatball.

After receiving such a steely glance, Meatball slightly trembled.

In return, it burrowed itself deeper into Feng Chuge’s bossom.

At the end, it didn’t forget to look up as if of saying: I am not coming down, let’s see how you will throw me down ~~~

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