Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Support the future lady

Feng Chuge looked down at the kitten in her arms curled like a meatball, “Yeah….isn’t it cute?”

Achen’s sneered, “It’s stupid.”

When it heard the word ‘stupid’, the kitten perked up at once and hissed. But at the pair of eyes Achen was shooting at it, it instantly withered down.

Noticing the way the two was acting up, Feng Chuge couldn’t help laughing, “This little meatball seems afraid of you.”

She has witnessed this kitten’s awesomeness!

It had been fearless before the Shui siblings but now, it’s cowering betraying its fear towards Achen.

“Meat ball (Rou Tuan)?” Achen shot another chilly glance at —

“That’s a good name. It suits it well…”

Feng Chuge choked.

She was just calling it without thought….

However, the name did sound quite befitting.

Feng Chuge reached out and stroked the kitten’s fur. “Then I shall call you meatball…”

Meatball’s claws danced twice in the air seemingly in protest but with just one look from Achen, it completely calmed down.

FEng Chuge raised a quizzical brow with that exchange.

Now, she is 100% sure that Meatball is really afraid of Achen.

Eyes passing over the bowl of noodles on the table, Feng Chuge exclaimed, “Oh, eat quickly. If you don’t, this will be wasted!”

Achen picked his chopsticks up and started to move.

After just a bite, Achen’s complexion altered a tiny bit.

“How is it? Is it tasty?” Feng Chuge asked, the bottom of her eyes brimming with a little expectation.

Achen’s eyes glimmered and he eventually swallowed a mouthful of noodles. He ate all with not a bit left, even the soup was totally polished off.

“En, it’s delicious!!”

At the sight of Achen’s contented appearance, Feng Chuge’s smiled, “It’s good that you liked it.”

But at the same moment, a certain someone’s cold voice rang, “Woman, next time, remember not to mix sugar with salt again…”

The smile on Feng Chuge’s face stiffened.

Sugar was mixed with salt….

That wasn’t the point….

She scolded Achen. “It wasn’t tasty and you still ate it? You’re stupid!”

“It was done by my future lady, so of course, I have to give support!” Achen crossed his arms across his chest, the epitome of a young adult.

The future lady….

Hearing those words again, Feng Chuge narrowed her eyes in disbelief….

This kid, all thoughts running in his head all day has all been his future wife…. Who the hell instilled these thoughts in him?!

After leaving Achen, Feng Chuge immediately ignited her incense (fengyue xiang) and urgently called for a woman from Fengyuelou whom she recalled specialized in cooking.

Achen actually hasn’t minded it. Two days in a row, he pestered Feng Chuge endlessly to cook for him personally.

Feng Chuge couldn’t resist his pleas and could only go along with his wishes.

The food might not have been passable but Achen ate all of them with relish.

Soon, it was the day of the banquet which the emperor had arranged in welcome for Feng Chuge.

The banquet was set in the evening.

On the afternoon of the same day, Zilan was about to dress Feng Chuge up.

Looking at Zilan and Biluo who were busy picking jewelry with utmost regard, Feng Chuge couldn’t help but chuckle, “Okay, we are just going to a dinner. Why do we need something so grand?”

“Miss, didn’t we say it all? We are going to dress you up perfectly as our young lady. Let’s see if those crowd of snobbish people won’t be awed with your beauty!!”

Feng Chuge stretched her lips, “We have to keep a low profile ~~ low-key~~.”

“How could you keep a low profile? Your entrance must absolutely be shocking enough.” Zilan rebutted, her eyes flashing with excitement. She could even imagine the faces of those group of people at the real stunning countenance of her Miss.

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