Chapter 209 & 210

Chapter 209: I’m not going to hold up.

Caught off guard, Tong Yan turned her surprised look at him.

“Help me!” Shi Jinyang’s face was hidden in the shadows and she couldn’t see his expressions clearly. But, just listening to him, his breathing seems a little heavy.

The sound of his heightened gasp, how could she not notice something wrong.

“Are you all right?” Tong Yan had no idea what was going on with him so she bent to her waist and placed her face right in front of him for a better look.

She got too close for comfort that as they exchanged looks, the breath he spewed out hit densely into her face.

It was quite hot, scalding hot.

Tong Yan’s head went blank for a few seconds.

“Help me up!” Shi Jinyang wasn’t polite with her at all. His long arm snaked around her shoulders and regardless of his tall stature and the unsteadiness of his footwork, his whole person leaned against her as he supported him step by step away from the resort.

He was more than a head taller than Tong Yan. Although her build wasn’t strong but she was quite solid.

At this time, all his weight were pressed heavily on Tong Yan. Tong Yan staggered breathlessly several times almost crushed by him.

“What about your driver at home? Where’s Shi Luo?” Tong Yan was totally dissatisfied. She looked around at the surroundings and attempted to call Shi Luo out for help, but she didn’t even see his shadow.

Shi Luo has always been very playful. After coming here, he never sat still for a minute. Even when Tong Yan hasn’t arrived yet, he had already hugged two women side by side and went off to continue his games. He certainly won’t be anywhere near.

Tong Yan was totally helpless. She could only support Shi Jinyang with difficulty and continued on their way outside.

“What have you eaten when you grew up, you’re so heavy!”

“At least you have some strength!””

“Shi Jinyang, I’m not going to hold up!”

Her rumblings were totally of her unwillingness. While helping him out, her complaints came non-stop.

Shi Jinyang’s eyes swept lightly across her face. Without any point of instrospection, even his two arms changed positions and hugged her around the shoulders.

An action that slightly jolted Tong Yan from her complaints.

Tilting her head sideways, she stared at him skeptically and suddenly had the feeling that he was deliberately playing tricks on her.

“Shi Jinyang, you’re doing it on purpose, aren’t you? Can we just go? Walk on your own, if you can’t, just call someone over!” She gazed at him and demanded in annoyance.

Shi Jinyang turned a deaf ear on her and the arms around her didn’t loosen a bit.

He is quite comfortable in front of Tong Yan, mainly because the two of them has been on each others throats from when they were young. His actions were deemed natural and there was no distinction whether she’s a man or a woman or what not.

In other words, Tong Yan hasn’t reached the point where he was made to treat her as a woman.

Tong Yan very much wanted to leave him behind but since she has already appeared here and Shi Luo was nowhere to be seen, if she left, what would he do?

After a moment’s hesitation, she grit her teeth and held onto him to walk out.

Contrary to Shi Jinyang’s ease, Tong Yan’s face was extremely uncomfortable all the way out.

Shi Jinyang’s temperature was very high. She isn’t clear if it had something to do with the wine he had drunk. But with their bodies leaning and then brushing against each other, her body temperature unconsciously followed by burning up.

It was with great difficulty that she was able to half-dragg Shi Jinyang to the car. She opened the back seat door and pushed him in. She didn’t immediately march to the driver’s seat but sat down next to him.

“Seriously heavy! I’m so exhausted!” She was unaware of her incessant complaints about him and when she sat down, she didn’t realize her own current predicament, with her chest volley rising and falling matching her breathing.

Chapter 210: Surprisingly beautiful

Her chest undulated as she took in deep breaths.

In their close proximity, such scene was displayed right in front of Shi Jinyang.

Shi Jinyang’s tolerance could be said to be above normal people. Since the time he has drunk that glass of wine till now, not totally succumbing to its effects was already a feat.

However, Tong Yan’s was still completely oblivious to it. Without ceremony, she just sat down next to him, their bodies intimately attached to each other and their heads almost touching together.

Basically, such intimacy was very normal for people who grew up togethre. So, Tong Yan wasn’t the least bit bothered by it. Furthermore, she has no intention of getting off the next moment.

She had just supported him with all her might that her limbs were all now rendered limp. Her hands were simply out of strength and she just wanted to sit in the back and rest for a while before getting out of the car. She paid no attention to any other matter at the moment.

In the meantime, with such proximity, Shi Jinyang who had been restraining himself, like being ignited by the lead, felt a bang flare-up somewhere.

All detonated by Tong Yan.

His line of sight fell stiffly on her face and his eyes shone brighter by the second.

Tong Yan’s facial features were totally delicate. With her face so small, not as big as his palm, her little nose with the tip quite upturned, moist lips evocative of cherry blossom petals, tinged with a seductive peach pink, on closer examination rendred Shi Jinyang dry-mouthed.

Tong Yan has always been beautiful. However, having known each other for so long, this was the first time Shi Jinyang has discovered it.

As to why he was feeling a bit different looking at her right now, he classified it as a medicinal effect.

Shi Jinyang stared at her for a while, his gaze burning hot.

Tong Yan’s vision happened to turned sideways and at the sight of his face so close to hers, her heart jumped a bit, “What’s wrong?”

Shi Jinyang continued staring on at her without giving any answer.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Tong Yan kept an eye at his reaction, her eyes slowly moving down his face. At a glance at his neck and chest, she accidentally discovered that his skin was stained with an odd layer of red.

This was generally an after effect of drinking but he clearly wasn’t drunk.

“Are you all right?” Tong Yan nudged him.

“Don’t move!” Shi Jinyang cautioned sternly as one hand captured one of her arms and rested his head on her shoulder.

He did so naturally disregarding how tall he was and how thin and petite Tong Yan was, which presented two poses that were wholly dissonant.

Tong Yan stiffened feeling slightly pricked at his admonishment.

He leaned on her like that and then asked her to keep still?

“Get up!” With no success after pushing his body away, Tong Yan shove his head instead.

“I said, don’t move!” Shi Jinyang gripped her hand harder giving off the feeling that he was restraining himself. Drops of sweat even trickled out of his forehead.

HIs head was hanging low, his head almost buried in Tong Yan’s neck so she failed to notice the abnormality.

With his roar resulted to a buzzing rumble in Tong Yan’s head.

At home, Tong Yan was the treasure of her father, the pet sister of two older brothers, plus a grandfather who dotes on her. At home, everyone was held in the palm of her hand. When did someone ever dare to yell at her?

Tong Yan was speechless.

He was taking advantage of her and still had the gal to stand on her nose?

“Shi Jinyang, get up!” Not taking his warning seriously, she pushed him again, this time with s little more strength.

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