Chapter 207 & 208

Chapter 207: My brother needs you now

That has always been the way he talks. Regardless of someone’s identity, he’d leave no room undamaged.

Lu Yuan, a young lady who was raised with the world on the palms of her hands, when a certain somebody spoke to her harshly couldn’t utter one word of comeback, but her face turned unsightly instead.

“Disappear in front of me in three seconds!” Not bothering to look at her further, Luo Yibei coldly ordered.

Lu Yuan was rooted in place for a while, her fingertips plucking the balls of her hands with her face flushed red.

She is an incomparable beauty complemented by her temperament, and with her family’s wealth, numerous people in C City would queue up to pursue her. When has she ever suffered such kind of grievance?

The only time she took the initiative to approach, not to mention hitting a wall, such an indifferent disposition also made her defiant.

“Luo Shao…” She opened her mouth trying to say something but Luo Yibei spat out coldly, “Scram!”

That wintry word akin to the wind suddenly blowing in the cellar, was cold without any trace of human temperature.

Lu Yuan retreated fearfully then ran away with her face hanging low.

The glass of tampered wine was still in the hands of the waiter.

The waiter didn’t know what to do with it so he put it back on the tray.

After taking several steps back, Shi Jinyang who just went to the bathroom came bargin on the side.

“Who messed with you? Aren’t you afraid of frightening people away with such a cold face?” Shi Jinyang quipped as he approached.

As he passed the waiter’s side, he took the glass of wine with him and went back to where he had just sat.

Taking with him the glass Lu Yuan has just tampered with!

The waiter stared silently at him with sweat on his forehead dropping in fright. He wanted to warn him but afraid of stirring trouble for himself, he refrained himself and without saying anything, sullenly left.

Although Luo Yibei has refused Lu Yuan, he has not carefully paid attention to the glass of wine. When it was placed back on the tray and since everything were similar, he didn’t notice.

As soon as Shi Jinyang took his seat, he tipped the glass and drank a mouthful.

After sipping just a few mouthfuls, he chuckled a bit before spitting it out again without swallowing anything.

His complexion turned strange and after savoring the taste once more, his brows tightened deeper and deeper.

“What’s the matter?” Luo Yibei glanced at him faintly and carefully handed him a tissue.

Without waiting for him to answer, he looked at the distant figure who had bravely approached him with an urge to throw her away. His brows wrinkled. He took his coat and stood up, “I’m leaving. Let’s leave it here for another day.”

Shi Jinyang’s face kept a 45-degree drooping posture, but his face has turned very pale.

He is also a sophisticated person who has encountered various people in the world. A tampered wine, with just a taste, he has found it all at once.

He sat stiffly in place for while rubbing his head that had begun to get dizzy. He made a phone call to Shi Luo not far away.

Shi Luo was having the time of his life, left and right. When he received the call, the raspy tone of his voice alerted him that something was wrong. He rushed quickly over to him.

“Brother, are you all right?” He has run over pretty quick. Who knew that after giving Shi Jinyang the once-over, he surmised that he must have drunk too much to be able to walk. He fished out his mobile phone and search his contact list. Seeing one name on the screen, he dialed it, “Yan Yan, hurry and to the rescue. My brother is drunk. He needs you now. Come at the Mountain Resort, I’ll wait for you!”

Number dialed, Tong Yan!

Chapter 208: Compelling someone to commit a crime

Shi Luo was only browsing through his contact list at random and the name he dialed when he saw it at first glance was pure coincidence.

For Tong Yan who got that call out of the blue, it took her a few seconds to recover.

His brother’s drunk. Why did he ask her to pick him up?

The relationship between the Shi Family and Tong Yan’s family is the same as that between the Shi’s and the Luo’s. In fact, they are all people in the same circle.

Shi Jinyang and Tong Yan are regarded as childhood friends who grew up together.

It’s just that the relationship between the two people wasn’t as close as the general childhood friends.

The reason comes down to when Tong Yan was very young.

She wasn’t all grown up back then. The look of Shi Jinyang’s eyes have always been very cold in her eyes. Not as good as a common toy horse, whenever he saw her, he would call her “Clown girl”, “Clown girl.”

Women’t couldn’t be called ugly so easily. Even if Tong Yan was very little at that time, her self-esteem was very proud.

It seemed that from that time on, she had hated Shi Jinyang.

Now that she suddenly got a call from Shi Luo, Tong Yan was left completely bewildered.

How many servants were there for their family? Why should she?

After that phone call, Tong Yan struggled between going or not. Struggling for a while, she finally went out with the car key in her hand.

Considering their relationship, she went.

When she reached the Mountain Resort, she didn’t know where Shi Luo has run crazy to. Shi Jinjyang was sitting alone in his chair, his hand on his forehead, embodying a drunk person.

“Hey, being pretty as flowers, isn’t it dangerous to be thrown lost in here?” Tong Yan couldn’t help poking fun at him as she stared at his silhouette walking slowly in his direction.

Saying that he is pretty as flowers, Shi Jinyang does have this asset. His face is a typical example of beauty that easily attracts people to commit crimes.

That familiar voice jolted Shi Jinyang. He slowly raised his face and squinted at the figure.

He was somewhat surprised to find her in this place.

Tong Yan stood a few meters away from him. In the hazy dim light of the night, only her pair of bright eyes shining like diamonds were the most authentic existence.

Shi Jinyang marveled at her brightness for a while lost in his own thoughts then moved his sight with some difficulty. Pretending to ask, “How did you get here?”

“Didn’t Shi Luo call me?” Tong Yan reached him and crouched down in front of him. She inspected his face. In addition to feeling that his face was quite not right, his eyes were also blurred and noticed nothing else.

How does a drunk person look like?

Tong Yan was feeling deceived. She shifted and moved her face to smell the front of his face, “How much did you drink? There’s no smell of alcohol!”

Puzzled at this absurdity, she even fanned her hands in front of his face.

Shi Jinyang wasn’t drunk. Altogether, he had only drank less than half a glass. So of course, there would be no booze smell.

He was only drugged at the moment!

However, Tong Yan was unaware of this fact and with her head still swinging in front of him, her face was almost affixed to his own.

Shi Jinyang’s eyes fixed on her blushing lips and his eyes turned darker and darker.

“What kind of wine have you drunk? It doesn’t have any flavor!” Tong Yan was still exploring and even leaned over his clothes for another sniff.

Her personality has never been coy. Added to the fact that both of them have always been mad rotten at each other since young, such gesture was quite natural.

“Shi Luo, that guy lied to me!” Pulling his collar up and down without smelling anything, she raised her head and was ready call Shi Luo to condemn him of his sins but her wrist was caught by Shi Jinyang.

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