EP – Chapter 74

Chapter 74: It’s a little bit out of the tunnel

Ning Xiaofei’s heart was inexplicably tight and suddenly she hesitated.


Although this man had a stinky temper, he has never treated her bad.

At her worst when she was short of money, he gave her a credit card.

When she was tired of running around every day, he took her to the Lanting Apartment, which was closer to the TV station.



Regardless if it was his consideration, he helped her solve her immediate needs.

Despite the complaints in her heart, Ning Xiaofei was actually quite grateful to him.

They may not be a couple in love, but in any case, living under one roof in the future as husband and wife, she doing this was really a bit improper.

If Mu Tianye has lost his temper at her, Ning Xiaofei might have felt still at ease, but now that a certain someone was treating her with such gentleness, she was a bit perturbed.

For a moment there, an idea suddenly popped out of her mind, to pull him to the side and tell him everything, then ask him for help.

“Honey, I…” Ning Xiaofei bit her lips and made up her mind, “I really don’t…”

Not for the show but it was concern for him?

This dead girl, still lying to the end.

In the few seconds that she hesitated, Mu Tianye’s endurance on the phone has already reached its limit. The fingers holding the phone jerked tightly as he spat out a few words at the earpiece.


These three words were not growled but were dug deep from his chest and were squeezed out between his clenched teeth, suffused with endless disappointment and anger.

Then came a dull sound like something was smashed open. Ning Xiaofei moved her ears away which were ringing with pain.

“Husband… Mu Tianye?! Hey… Hello?!”

Ning Xiaofei was scared at the sound of the crash and the phone being cut off.

Was it a car accident, an explosion, an earthquake… or a terrorist attack?!

Her heart jumped nervously and with fingers shivering, she leafed through her phone book, looking for assistant Zhou’s number.

In a while, she finally found a number not commonly contacted and dialed it rapidly.

On the other end of the phone.

Assistant Zhou and a group of people were petrified watching Mu Tianye.

The man who seemed in a good mood when he just got out of the car suddenly threw his phone out hitting the marbles. Everyone trembled in terror.

Watching the man striding across the debris on the floor, Assistant Zhou hurriedly waved his hand to the crowd and motioned them to deal with the situation. He trotted and chased after him, taking several steps ahead to help Mu Tianye press the elevator button.

The man stood in the middle of the elevator, his eyebrows wrinkled and his face livid.

In his pocket, his phone vibrated.

Assitant Zhou cautiously scrutinized the side profile of Mu Tianye as he lightly fished out his phone. Seeing Ning Xiaofei’s name on the caller ID, he immediately answered it.


“Hello, Assistant Zhou. It’s me, Ning Xiaofei!”

“What can I do for you?”

“I was just having a conversation with him… we were on the phone and suddenly it was cut off. From what I’ve heard, it won’t be a car accident right? When I called, he seemed to have just left the airport…”

Assistant Zhou finally realized why his boss was in such a fit of temper, it turned out he’s mad at her.

“No, Chief Mu is with me. He’s fine.”

“No way, I clearly heard the phone…”

Speaking of which, understanding immediately dawned on Ning Xiaofei. It wasn’t a car accident, not an earthquake… much less a terrorist attack, but someone smashing the phone.

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