Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Woman, I’m hungry….

She stared angrily at her and on that blood-stained face, it became hideous.

The madam was scared witless and retreated two steps backwards. “Miss Shui, this…, what’s going on here?”

“Let me ask you, who was that bitch who just walked out?”

“Who is Miss Shui talking about?”

“The slut who was wearing blue dress!” Shui Yuer roared.

The Madam was stunned.

“I don’t know who she is. It’s her first time coming here….Aiyo, did she piss you off?….”

The Old Madam hasn’t finished talking yet when Shui Yuer’s palm flew in the air and went straight towards her, “None of your business!!”

After delivering that slap, Shui Yuer retracted her hand and stood still as rage consumed her. She stamped her feet, “Brother, I’m going to find out who that bitch really is!! Brother, what should I do now? My face has become this way. If I go to the palace the day after tomorrow, the third and the fifth princes will certainly be disappointed with me looking like this!”

Shui Wuji was feeling helpless just looking at his sister. He could only do his best to appease, “Yuer, don’t worry. Doesn’t our family have a skin lotion that an intermediate refining pharmacist has refined? As long as it is applied within a day, everything will turn back to normal without any effort. It will definitely not affect your day after tomorrow when you attend the banquet at the palace.”

“Really?” A quick flash of light crossed the bottom of Shui Yuer’s eyes.

“Of course.”

Hearing Shui Wuji’s response, Shui Yuer was slightly relieved. “When I see that slut again, I will never let her go. And that little beast, I must skin it alive!!”

When Feng Chuge and her party went back, Achen was sitting in the Water Pavilion’s hall, seemingly waiting for their return.

At the sight of them coming back, Achen immediately stood up.

“Woman, you’re back.”

“Little Achen, I’ve only been away for a short time but you already missed your sister? You even specially came out to meet us.”

Achen turned a blind eye to what she was saying, “Woman, don’t you feel that the house feels surprisingly quiet today?”

With Achen’s claim, Feng Chuge’s brows wrinkled. “It’s seems like… That’s it…”

“Those people were scared away by you. Taking advantage of the fact that you’ve gone out today, they all packed and fled…”

They were all scared away…

Feng Chuge’s lips twitched.

Was she that horrible?

Suddenly, a rumbling sound reverberated. Feng Chuge glanced at Achen who was standing on the side in embarrassment, “Woman, I’m hungry…..”

“So, you’ve been sitting down here waiting for us to come back to cook?” Feng Chuge finally understood what he was implying.

Achen continuously nodded in an awkward spot.

“Let’s go. Let’s go out to eat…”, said Feng Chuge as she pulled Achen over.

“But … …… I want to eat your cooking.……”

Feng Chuge froze……

Her cooking.……

But she can’t cook. How would she even know how to cook rice?

She turned her head and surveyed Zilan, Biluo and Luzhu behind her only to see them shaking their heads.

They too, can’t cook.

In the past, in Fengyue Lou, their task was to serve Feng Chuge and accompany her to practice martial arts. These laundry and cooking matters, they need not do them at all….

Just as Feng Chuge was struggling with herself, in her ear, drifted Achen’s cool but sarcastic taunt, “Woman, you can’t cook, can you?”

The tone greatly provoked the fighting spirit within Feng Chuge.

Feng Chuge straightened her back and moved forward….

“Stinky brat, just you wait here!!”

3 thoughts on “Chapter 39”

  1. Huh? She can’t cook?
    Then how in the world did she live in her past life?
    I can’t possibly imagine an assassin having servants waiting on her, cooking for her and doing all the chores for her..

    Unless she meant she can’t cook with the utensils of ancient times?


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