Chapter 73

Chapter 73: The rain is coming from the wind

Although, knowing that her sincerity in her tone is no more than 1%, listening to the sweet and soft voice of the little girl on the phone, Mu Tianye’s exhaustion on the road seemed to dissipate a lot.

“I’m fine.”

At the sound of these two words, Ning Xiaofei punched a fist in the air right away and smugly waved her hands.

“I know that my husband is the most tolerant.”

Sure enough, her husband is more powerful, it’s nicer talking to him than that cow-skinned Xicheng.

Ning Xiaofei continued to work hard.

“It’s already late, you must have not eaten dinner yet right?”

At the other end of the phone, Mu Tianye looked at the big sun through the window.

Dead girl, didn’t she know that there’s time difference in this world?

“It’s still afternoon here.”

“Ah, right… there’s time difference, I just miss you too much and forgot about it… Everyone says that a woman in love turns stupid. When I met my husband, I must have turned idiotic, hehehe….”

Mu Tianye laughed in silence.

Dead girl, this sweet mouth of hers.

Miss him?

Ghosts would believe it.

On that little head of hers, she’s definitely up to something.

“Speak, what is it you want?”


No matter how far he flew on the road, no matter how far he walks……

No one has ever called him the first time after he got off the plane and asked him about these boring nonsense.

At one time, he was disgusted by the way an assistant or a staff member would be peeking at their phones.

It’s just a couple of hours apart. What’s there to call?

But this particular moment, when he also received such a phone call, his mood turned slightly calmer and his tone was much more gentle than usual.

“Nothing, I was just afraid you’re mad at me. I can’t sleep alone in bed, I want husband to hug me to sleep.”

She acted sweet and spoiled not worried that he would come at anytime plus they’re separated by a hundred thousand miles.

Beside his ear, the girl’s tender voice, through the telephone signal, stirred Mu Tianye’s heart like never before.

Was he thinking too much?

Is this girl really just here to apologize???

“Since it’s your mistake, forget it, but pay more attention later.”

The girl has taken the initiative to apologize, since it’s no big deal, let her go for once.

“En, thank you husband.”

At the same moment, Mu Tianye’s car had parked outside the hotel lobby. He noticed the staff already waiting for his arrival so he withdrew his gaze.

“Is there really nothing else?”

“Yes, I said it, I just called to apologize.”

Assistant Zhou opened the door and Mu Tianye stepped out and nodded in greeting at the staff then entered the lobby.

“Alright, it’s getting late, so get some rest. I’ve got things to do deal with her. I’ll hang up first.”

“Husband, wait!” Ning Xiaofei has first planned to flatter him several times before choosing the right time to say it. Knowing that the man doesn’t like her beating around the bush, she hesitated for a moment before gnawing her teeth and blurted, “Yes, that is, there is a little thing. We have a new interview section in the station and we will be inviting elites from all fields to participate. When I heard this, ah, … I thought, isn’t that my husband. A man like my husband should attend right? After contemplating about it, I thought…. to see if you’re interested?…. isn’t it my husband?”

Dead girl, he had thought she really has called to apologize but the result was just her paving her way for so long just for this!

The finger holding the phone tightened and the man stopped in the middle of the lobby.

“So you made this call just to ask me if I want me to attend this show?”

His voice was very gentle but that handsome face of his was already hinting at the rain coming with the wind to sweep off buildings.

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