Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Foresight

Feng Chuge has seen things are getting out of control, she commanded, “It’s okay now, come back!”

The cat stopped as soon as it heard Feng Chuge’s order.

It walked down from Shui Yuer’s face and came to a stop at Shui Yuer’s abdomen. A few claws were wiped on her body until the claws were completely wiped clean. Then it got up and jumped back to Feng Chuge’s bosom.

After settling down on Feng Chuge’s arms, it laid down as if nothing has happened, brandishing its paws and yawning again. It then continued leaning against Feng Chuge as it closed its eyes and slept…

These series of movements, thoroughly amused the Feng Chuge as well as the three people on the side.

Shui Wuji however wasn’t in the mood to appreciate such cuteness. Witnessing the sudden changes of the cat, he was stunned in place and when he saw the bloody face of Shui Yuer, he hurried forward.

“Yuer, Yuer, are you all right?”

At this moment, Shui Yuer’s face was left with bloody scratch marks from the cat.

She felt only a burning pain in her face.

She reached out to touch it and felt her hands stained with splotches of blood.

Shui Yuer immediately saw black.

She got up and she yelled at Feng Chugeβ€”β€”

“Stop there, I won’t let you off!!”

Watching the frenzied Shui Yuer, Feng Chuge only raised a brow, “In fact, you should thank me. If have given this cat to you, I’m afraid, you wouldn’t only be scratched on the face by such a tiny animal….”

“Yeah, Miss has the foresight… This girl, you don’t know what’s good for you. Our lady has done much for your sake and you are still yelling at her?” Zilan stepped forward and continued to add fuel.

Shui Yuer’s lungs could explode at this moment and the suppressed anger turned her face dark unbecomingly.

Entertained at this turn of events, Feng Chuge’s lips curled up, “Let’s go back… it’s a bit of a harvest today.”

A short time later, she gently raised her eyebrows and looked at her languid cat in her arms.

This is really an unforeseen gain.

After they came out of the underground market, the madam smiling approached them.

“Well, have you ladies got anything?”

Zilan looked at the pleased madam but her mood didn’t improve a bit.

What she hated the most is this kind of person who always curries favor.

“There’s no need for you to know that. Our deposit earlier , can you return it now?”

“Of course, of course…” The old madam widened her smile and fished out the five ‘Tian’ checks in her sleeves. “Ladies, I hope you come back again… Oh, right, this token can allow you to enter freely the next time you visit us gain. You can go straight to the underground market with this token. Of course, the deposit? You needn’t pay any more in the future!”

Feng Chuge received the token, “Okay.”

After all, there is no guarantee that this underground market won’t have any remarkable items.

Upon putting the token away, Feng Chuge and her party left.

Soon after their departure, Shui Yuer and Shui Wuji came barging through the entrance.

The madam who was in the act of leaving stopped as she heard the commotion from the inside.

Glancing behind her and seeing the figures that came out from the inside, the old madam’s face changed once again.

“Ai yo, Miss Shui, what happened to your face? Have you been scratched?”

Shui Yuer’s wasn’t at a jovial to begin with. At the reminder of the old madam, her fury sprang to life once more.

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