EP – Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Touch me again and I’ll call for harassment

After discarding the business card Ning Xiaofei has handed, Xicheng carried his guitar and moved out of the elevator.

That arrogant fellow, without even letting go, walked straight and bumped Ning Xiaofei knocking her to the side.

Ning Xiaofei narrowed her eyes on the business card falling to the ground, turned to chase him, and rushed with outstretched arms to stop him.

“Mr. Xicheng, I know you don’t like…”

Stopped by her once again, the bottom of the man’s eyes has turned darker.

“You knew that I don’t like it and you still came here?”

“But our column is different, we aren’t….”

Xicheng interrupted her loftily, “I have no interest in knowing, and do not want to participate.”

“But you haven’t heard me.……”

“I won’t waste my time on an idiot like you.” Xicheng raised his right hand and gently beckoned an oncoming patrol security guards, “She’s a reporter.”

When the staff heard the word ‘reporter’, they immediately rushed over and seized Ning Xiaofei’s two arms. With this opportunity, Xicheng strode to the studio.

“Mr. Xichen, hey…… We really are different from others. I came here with great sincerity.……”

Regardless of how Ning Xiaofei hollered, the man didn’t stop, let alone turn back.

Knowing that there was no possibility to continue, Ning Xiaofei retracted her eyes and struggled to throw off the arms of the two security guards.

“Let me go… I can walk on my own… Let go…What are you doing? Touch me again, and I’ll call for harassment…”

The two security guards didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. They loosened their hold and directed her out.

“Miss, please leave at once!”

Depressed at her achievement, Ning Xiaofei moved her feet one step after the other into the elevator. The two security guards immediately followed in. All the way down, like a prisoner, they ‘escorted’ her out of the entrance, watched her walk away and closed the building’s door.

“Arrogant, egomaniac……. what’s there to be proud of? What’s so great about him?……”

Ning Xiaofei blew off her steam and kicked a pebble on the side of the rode. She turned around to look at the building behind her and saw a bench nearby, she immediately went over and sat down.

How could this guy be more difficult than Mu Tianye, he’s really just oil and salt!

At the thought of Mu Tianye, she hurriedly lifted her wrist to see the time. It was already more than ten o’clock in the evening. By this time, he should have arrived.

Touching her phone, she cleared her throat and she opened her mouth to sweeten the air.

“Husband? No, it’s too sweet, it’s too fake and insincere!”

She cleared her throat again.

“Husband, I’m Fei Fei!”




After several tries, she finally found the tone that she thought was intimate and would not seem too artificial. She finally dialed Mu Tianye’s number.

This time around, her call went through.

It’s just that, nobody was answering it.

Ning Xiaofei patiently waited for the phone, ringing the sixth time and when she was ready to end the call, it finally connected and the baritone of Mu Tianye reverberated.


“Husband, I’m sorry. I called to apologize. I really didn’t deliberately miss your call this morning. I was taking a shower and I really didn’t hear it, otherwise, I… a knife would be hanging above my head and I would have burned my eyebrows. If it was an urgent matter, of course, I have to pick it up… Husband, that call…. it wasn’t that important right? Husband, you must be tired after such a long flight? Did your flight went smoothly? I just watched the weather forecast saying Berlin will be having a terrible weather. With not a thick coat over there…. It’s my fault, if I had known you were to go on a business trip, I would have definitely packed your bags…. I’m sorry…”


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