Chapter 37

Chapter 37: The kitty assumes an awe-inspiring stand

Hearing his offer, Feng Chuge’s brows snapped together and she stopped on her tracks.

In her arms, the snow-white ball of mass leaned firmly against her, and languidly yawned.

Shui Wuji thought that the lady was finally moved, but cold laughter that followed took him aback ——

“Double, it’s a good thing to be rich but in this world, not everything can be bought with money. I’m really not selling this cat today.”

Shui Wuji stiffened.

Shui Yuer’s entire complexion has also turned completely sour.

“Do you know who we are?”

“I don’t care who you are…….” Feng Chuge sneered.

The expression on Shui Yuer’s face changed once more. Finally, she straightened her whole body, “I want this cat!”

Detecting the movement of the person who was seeking death behind her, Feng Chuge’s eyes slightly shrunken.

Looks like….force is what it takes!

Shui Yuer presently is an intermediate spirit warrior. Although she’s not a top notch among her peers, but she’s still not bad.

The reason she wanted the cat before was simply because it looked so cute.

In fact, she really wasn’t looking into owning that cat that much. But with a woman who looked better than her and has thoroughly turned down Shui Wuji’s offer, since she lost to her in appearance, she wasn’t keen on losing to her in other aspects.

Shui Yuer flew forward to snatch the cat.

What she didn’t expect was for Zilan to instantly step forward, blocking her offense!

“Brother! She bullied me!” Shui Yuer cried out to Shui Wuji.

Faced with this younger sister, Shui Wuji was really feeling as though his head could explode.

“Since the other party isn’t selling, then better forget it….” Shui Wuji replied knowing that people who can enter this market might not be rich but are extraordinary. Ordinary people don’t even know of the market’s existence therefore, he dared not offend this woman.

“I don’t care, I want this cat!” Shui Yuer gritted her teeth and continued.

She unfurled a whip from her waist.

The spirit snake whip is a weapon unique of the Shui family, and its lethality is greatly strengthened.

“Yuer, enough!” Seeing Shui Yuer armed with the spirit snake whip, Shui Wuji exclaimed.

He tried to stop her, but was still a step too late for Shui Yuer had already swung her whip towards the woman in blue.

Her hit was straightforward and she attack directly for the face of Feng Chuge.

Zilan wasn’t going to stand aside. She was about to shoot forward when a snowy-white ball of mass whizzed in front of her eyes.

“Pu——” With a bang, the white meaty ball directly slammed into Shui Yuer’s body.

Shui Yuer who has flung the whip was agonized with pain and the hand holding the whip threw it to the side.

That white meatball, flapped itself on Shui Yuer’s body, waving its paws and clutching her face….

On the ground, Shui Yuer bared her teeth in pain.

“Let go, you beast! Let go!”

Right, it was the white cat that pounced on her at the moment!

Just now, the instant Shui Yuer raised her arm, the kitty in Feng Chuge’s bosom seemed to have sensed it. A pair of blue cymbals faintly glowed in the gloom and before anyone could react, it went straight out from Feng Chuge’s embrace, slamming into Shui Yuer….

Feng Chuge peered at the meaty ball that was tearing on Shui Yuer and her brows slightly rose.

This kitty….

Really fits her taste!

The kitty was still on its work and on Shui Yuer’s face, blood dripped slowly.

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