EP – Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Moron!


Seeing the elevator doors beginning to close, Ning Xiaofei gave a loud shout, rushed over and swooped forward, squeezing an arm into the gap between the two doors before it could totally close.

The elevator doors separated again and Ning Xiaofei immediately crowded in. After pressing the close button, the girl raised her face and flashed the sweetest and most sincere smile to the man standing on the side….

“Great Xicheng, you…”

This time, she could finally see his face personally.

Under the illumination of the elevator light, the man’s skin is as transluscent as jade, his skin, his facial features….it’s far more impactful that the face on the photos and videos.

Ning Xiaofei has always been immune to good-looking people, but in the face of such beauty, she found herself a bit short of breath.

Despite having seen numerous pictures of him online, looking at his eyes, Ning Xiaofei felt her heart flutter like never before, and the words she has carefully prepared before got stuck in her throat and instead subconsciously blurted out what was running in her mind.


The man’s black eyes icily swept across her face, and the think pink lips opened to spit out a word.


The magnetic baritone rang pleasantly sweet, but the absolute frivolous and disdainful tone was akin to being bored, as if standing in front of him was not a person, but a pile of garbage.

The words haven’t settled down yet when the words made Ning Xiaofei’s mouth twitch. An urge to flatten him down stirred within her heart.

No, she’s … …… How did she offend him and got scolded for being an idiot?

Regardless of being an idol star, if it weren’t for the show, she’d… she’d let him taste what real cussing was.

Take a deep breath….



Ning Xiaofei, you can do it!


Ning Xiaofei utilized self-hypnosis, suppressing her anger and re-emphasizing her smile.

“Mr. Xicheng.” Ning Xiaofei kept smiling and scraped herself back together. “I’m a loyal fan of yours and I have all your albums. I always go to see your concert. My room is full of your posters…. your song <The light> and <Plato> …. I can recall the lyrics….”

Flatter sits in the parlor when plain dealing is kicked out of doors ( or Kiss ass, and you‘ll never fail!)

Which star is not a prima donna, give him a little magic soup to stroke his vanity, then she can start again.

Ning Xiaofei has babbled till her mouth run dry but still hasn’t got the slightest reaction from the man. He just looked down at the tablet in his hand shaking his head with dissatisfaction then raised a finger to the screen….

Meow, he’s really a big deal!

Ning Xiaofei bit back the back of her teeth and fished out a business card from her pocket.

“I know your time is tight so I’ll just state my business outright. I’m Ning Xiaofei of A City’s “Conversation with God” column. We think highly of your achievements in music so we want to invite you to participate. Our program will only take 45 minutes of your time. As for the remuneration, it’s negotiable. Look into it, are you interested?”

She extended the business card respectfully with both hands. The business card was sent in front of him and it casted a shadow on top of the tablet.

Xicheng’s eyes twitched and the fingers which were originally pressing on the screen lifted up, two fingers snatching the card away from her hands.

He has finally reacted?

Ning Xiaofei’s heart was about to be put down when she caught the man’s hand which in a light flash, let the card go sailing and fell on her left shoulder.

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