Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Underground market

“This….Is this enough?” Bilou waved the silver checks in her hand and asked.

The old woman’s face followed the stack of checks and a smile spread across her face. “Oh, enough.. it’s enough…”

Kidding aside, someone who has the ‘Tian’ check is definitely noe an ordinary person.

“Why aren’t you still taking us there?”

“Okay, okay, follow me.” The Madam received the silver checks and chuckled.

They followed the madam behind until they reached a room in the backyard of teh Drunken Dream Court.

After the old man pressed a bolt, a wall rumbled and sunk in.

“My ladies, here we are…”


Qinglian has already mentioned before, the underground was only a passage.

It would be dark undeground and on both sides, a good deal of the legendary luminous pearls were hung.

In both sides of the passage are numerous stalls.

On these stalls, there are medicinal herbs, weapons, and a variety of rare priceless treasures.

Feng Chuge pored over the medicinal herbs on display around the booths as they walked, many of which were quite rare, but she needed none of them.

Fro one ed of the undground market all the way to the other end, they didn’t find what they were looking for, Feng Chuge couldn’t help somewhat disappointed.

“Miss, is there none?” Noticing the disgruntled look on Feng Chuge, Zilan asked.

Feng Chuge heaved a sigh, “It looks like we have to find them elsewhere. It’s okay, let’s go back…”

With that said, they turned around to leave.

In the act of turning around, Feng Chuge’s vision fell on a cage at the corner.

It was a scanty piece of cage, in it, a snowy white mass of meat was curled up on one side.

The chubby mass was curled up and wasn’t clear what it was. Only the twinkling of blue eyes were exposed in the dim light.

Feng Chuge didn’t intend to stay at first but for some reasons, the kitty’s blue eyes attracted her thoroughly.

She stared back at the sapphire-like pupils. Akin to staring at an extraordinary deep blue vortex, she lost herself in them for a moment.

“Girl, are you interested in this cat?” Next to the cage, a man in black robes opened his mouth.

The one talking was an old man.

The old man was dressed in a long black robe with a turban draped on his head.

He partly narrowed his eyes to focus, but in those pair of somewhat chaotic eyes, a bit of light would occasionally flash across.

Feng Chuge shook her head. “No.”

She had only come to find herbs. Now that there was none on display, she’d better go back as soon as possible.

Albeit as she moved her foot to leave, the cat’s body seemed to have an invisible strong traction, she couldn’t help but go back.

“Girl, I think you have an affinity with this cat, Why don’t I give it to you……” The old man in the black robe suddenly said so.

Feng Chuge’s brows slightly rose up.

Give to her?

Was that supposed to be a good thing?

Everything else on the stalls had a clear price tag, but this cat did not.

Feng Chuge was about to speak when on their side, a squeal from a feminine voice suddenly rang.

“Wow……. What a cute cat, this cat, I want it!???

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