Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Super ugly girl

“Do you know why he wasn’t scared?” Feng Chuge gave Zilan a questioning glare.


“Because in the heart of the Fifth prince, your miss is one super ugly girl.” Feng Chuge curved her lips up and chortled.

“How is that possible?” Zilan was startled. “Miss, if you are ugly woman, then there is no good-looking person under the sky this age! Not to mention in the Feng Family, the whole mainland and the entire Yuntian Continent, there would be no beautiful woman comparable to Miss!”

Zilan wasn’t still done talking when understanding dawned on her, “I understand, the Fifth prince must have believed the hearsays about young miss being disfigured. I really thought that the Fifth prince was extraordinary and different from the others. I didn’t expect that his virtue equals those group of rabble!”

Zilan huffed in resentment. “Humph! Miss, three days later, Zilan will dress you up well enough to blind those people’s eyes! Let them open their eyes and see clearly who an ugly girl is.”

Feng Chuge glanced at the excited Zilan and laughed. “All right, don’t get too excited. Go and fetch water… I want to take a shower. In a while, I will be going out to look for herbs again. Qinglian sent a message a few days ago that they found an underground trading market which sells priceless treasures. I’ll go and have a look. I might find some herbs.”

“What else do you want herbs for? Didn’t you say that the medicine has been refined?”

“It’s been refined…but only one. Achen needs a lot.”

“Miss, why are you so good to Achen?” Zilan asked sounding somewhat jealous. “Miss, you’ve only known Achen for a short while.”

“Achen is a pitiful child.” Feng Chuge sighed. “Don’t say anything more, go ahead, and dont’ delay. It’s already very late.”


After the bath, she put on dry clothes.

Feng Chuge specially prefers light-colored clothes.

Today, she has a light blue dress on.

The skirt was very simple, almost ****, with no extra embelishment, but the waist was bundled with a belt of the same color.

Her black hair was simply rolled up with an ornamental hairpin and the rest of her hair hung loose randomly on her shoulders, making her overall termperament particularly out of the world.

When Feng Chuge came out, Zilan sized her up from head to toe and couldn’t help but sigh, “Miss is getting more and more beautiful.”

Meanwhile, she felt actually indignant.

Such a beautiful person was regarded ugly by the whole world, who wouldn’t be angry!

“While the sky is still bright, let’s hurry up, otherwise it will be dark when we come back.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

At the underground trading market, it went without saying that the rare items which are extraordinary and are rarely found anywhere were sold at exorbitant prices by all means.

Following the directions Qinglian pointed out, Feng Chuge and her party finally arrived.

The so-called underground market naturally is scant of light.

In Tianqi, on the surface seems like a red-light district. But in truth, underneath is channel where the red-light district truly operates. (not sure if the translation was right. anyway, this was what I got.)

It is in this district that countless transactions are made daily.

It’s a three-storey house.

Above, the three characters ‘Drunken Dream Court’ are particularly conspicuous under the glare of the sun.

Feng Chuge stood outside, watching the people who came in and out, as well as the women who stood outside and dressed up for the show, and narrowed her eyes….

“Miss, this is a red-light district. All who go in are men. Do you really want to enter it?” Luzhu frowned at the men who went in and out.

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