EP – Chapter 68

Chapter 68: Gossip’s heroine


At this moment, her waist was still in pain and then…. her waist would be broken!

Ning Xiaofei let her eyes roam in the air, “That man is in Germany, how would I make him roar?”

“When is he coming back….” As she was speaking, a voice calling for Ye Qiao’s name was transmitted to her ear, seems like she’s busy. “Coming, coming…. Fei Fei, I am needed on stage, I’ll hang up first. Don’t get frustrated, just have enough food and drinks. I’ll help you figure out a way later.”

On the other side, Ye Qiao already hung up the phone. Ning Xiaofei leaned back on her chair and took a moment to contemplate. Finally, she lifted her phone up and dialed Mu Tianye’s number.

Compared to Xicheng which she has never seen before, Ning Xiaofei naturally deduced that her husband was much easier to deal with.

As for Xicheng, she’s the only one who knows him but the other knows nothing of her.

And as for Mu Tianye, no matter what, the two of them has some relationship to say.

Armed with a burst of courage to dial the phone, Ning Xiaofei prepared herself in doing a good job thinking of not fighting back, not yelling, be pleasing, putting down her face and get on with her shameless flattery….


“I’m sorry, the number you have dialed is turned off!”

She was so mad she gritted her teeth for a while. Thinking back, that King of hell might still be in the sky and has not landed yet.

From A city to Germany, direct flights would take more than ten hours. He took off early this morning so he will be arriving at night the earliest. She felt instantly thrilled.

Putting away her phone, she picked up her computer and files then put them back on her table. She proceeded downstairs for lunch. She arrived at the canteen and was looking for a seat when she heard someone mention her name.

“Thing Ning Xiaofei’s brain circuit must be really short. Dare to go against Pei Ruoxi?”

“Yes, she just courting death!”

When Pei Ruoxi sent out that photon on WeChat, there was no clear number of how many have seen it. But Ning Xiaofei has already become a hot topic in the station.

It’s just that, everyone knows of the name but nothing of the person.

Therefore, when Ning Xiaofei took a plate and went to sit down beside their table, several did not realize their gossip’s heroine was on the side.

“But…it’s so strange. Pei Ruoxi has been hosting the entertainment column very well, why did she have to go to that column group?”

“This? I have heard of a gossip. It was said it was because somebody came back!”


“That is…”

Ning Xiaofei, who was sitting next to them, picked her ears up for a juicy gossip but was disturbed by a phone ringing.

“Xiao Ning, good news.”

On the other side of the phone, Zhang Yue spoke with excitement.

“Good news?” Ning Xiaofei’s heart was also rejoicing.

“I have just found out, in the past two days, Xicheng came over to record an animated theme song. After recording, he will be flying to Singapore for a concert. He will not come back for three to five days. Come to Teiji immediately, I’ll wait for you at the café downstairs!”

“Okay, I’ll be right there.”

She couldn’t care less about the food on her plate, she grabbed a fried chicken and flew out of the TV station.



At a café on the opposite side.

“Xiao Ning, here!”

Noticing Zhang Yue in a corner, Ning Xiaofei hurriedly trotted forward. Before her bottom can reach her chair, she already started speaking quickly.

“What’s going on, tell me!”

“He should be here today, but at what time, my buddy wasn’t sure about it.” Zhang Yue pushed a juice on the table to her. “I’ve told my friend to notify us as soon as Xicheng comes over to record. We don’t have a work pass to mix with them so we can only try our luck.”

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