Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Maternal Uncle?

The thoughts of Achen ending up so after going through such experience, Feng Chuge couldn’t help feeling sorry for him once again…..

She took another look at Achen and firmed her jaw, “Achen, rest assured, no one will ever bully you when you stay here. Just count this as your own home.”

After that, Feng Chuge went straight out.

When Feng Chuge’s steps faded away, Achen sat up and looked in the direction of Feng Chuge’s departure, his eyes brimming with purple light..……


“Miss, you’re finally out.” Zilan immediately met Feng Chuge the moment she stepped out, “There’s someone from the palace. He’s the fifth prince delivering an imperial decree.” Zilan pointed at the He Lian Zi Xuan a distance away.

Following where Zilan was pointing, Feng Chuge nodded her head towards He Lian Zi Xuan, “Fifth Prince? It’s been hard on you….”

“Not hard, not hard at all. I never expected that my cousin turned out to be a pharmacists, it’s really an eye-opener.”

Cousin? Feng Chuge’s brows jumped.

Right, her mother was the emperor’s sister.

“Your highness came here this time for what?” Feng Chuge cut into the subject directly.

“Imperial Father heard that cousin has come back. He wants to host a welcome dinner for cousin. In three days, he has set up a banquet at the imperial palace. This is what he wanted me to tell cousin.” He Lian Zi Xuan answered lightly without any trace of emotion on his face.

He will never tell others that the reason he asked to convey the decree was in the last two days, after listening to this cousin’s exploits, he wanted to see this cousin’s reall face first!!

He Lian Zi Xuan surveyed Feng Chuge again and faintly sighed ——

In fact, God was still fair. In Feng Chuge’s case, although it was impossible for her to cultivate spiritual power coupled with her ugliness, in the entire mainland, the most scarce is refining pharmacists.

With just the title refining pharmacist, Feng Chuge needn’t worry about the latter half of her life.

It is well-known that a refining pharmacist is an object that any family including the royal family couldn’t’ wait to win over.

At the moment, because she had just came out after refining the pill, Feng Chuge’s whole face was covered with layers of dusts concealing her original appearance.

He Lian Zi Xuan concluded that Feng Chuge is really as ugly as the rumors say.

Feng Chuge didn’t miss the disappointment in He Lian Zi Xuan’s eyes but she said nothing but raised a brow instead, “Is the emperor that gracious?”

“Yes….Imperial Father said that he is cousin’s maternal uncle. After hearing of your return, Imperial Father was very happy.”
Paying attention to He Lian Xi Xuan’s words, Feng Chuge smirked deepest in her heart.

Maternal uncle?

When she was kicked out of her family six years ago, why didn’t her uncle come out and say a word?

If at the beginning, the emperor stepped forward and put even just a word, the fate of this body wouldn’t have become so!!

Welcome her…. or was it because of the happenings in the Feng Family, he wanted to look into what she was up to.

“Cousin, what are you thinking about?” He Lian Zi Xuan caught a glimpse of the strange look on Feng Chuge’s face. It bordered that of a contemptuous gaze, or a disdainful one….

Feng Chuge raised her head up, collected herself and nodded. “Okay, after three days, I will come. Since uncle is hosting a welcome dinner for my sake, how could I refuse?”

“Even so, that’s wonderful cousin. I still have matters to attend to so I’ll go ahead first. See you in three days.”

“Well, see you in three days.”

After the fifth prince left, Zilan exclaimed, “Oh, Miss, what are you all covered in? If the fifth prince was not frightened by the lady, it would really be strange.”

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  1. I really love the Mc’s personality she isnt ruthless like other mc’s , looking firward t how she dazzles them , thank u translator for all ur hard work.


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