Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Hot topic at the station

“Things are not necessarily impossible.” Zhang Yue looked at his watch. “There is not much time, I will pass for now.”

Ning Xiaofei was full of gratitude, “Zhang Yue, I’m really sorry. Because of me, you’ve also been offended by Pei Ruoxi.”

“It’s alright. I didn’t mean to let her off the hook.” Zhang Yue returned with a modest smile. “Then I will go now, I will call you again.”

Zhang Yue left in a hurry, and Ning Xiaofei’s mobile phone vibrated again.

Taking out her phone, at the sight of Ye Qiao’s name on the screen, Ning Xiaofei sat back somewhat weakly back in her chair and connected the call.

“Xiao Qiao, is something the matter?”

“Yes, you!” As soon as the call was connected, Ye Qiao’s voice rang with excitement. “So soon, you and Pei Ruoxi had a show down. But now, you have become a celebrity in our station. Good girl, apologizing to you at the show, that’s tough, Feifei!”

When Pei Ruoxi sent out the photo on WeChat, parallel to a meteorite hitting the Earth, it immediately caused a huge ruckus in the TV station.

An unknown newcomer versus a pillar of the station, moreover with such ruthless bets of high stakes, Ning Xiaofei, this name instantaneously has become a hot topic at the station.

“What is it?” Ning Xiaofei sighed,” Do you think I can win?”

“Why can’t it be won, don’t you just have to invite the guests? Ye Qiao answered.

With the principle of confidentiality of the show’s content, Ning Xiaofei didn’t write the name of the guests on the document so Ye Qiao of course has no knowledge of who they wanted to invite.

“Do you know who the guests we wanted to invite?’

“Sounds like they’re big shots….” Ye Qiao paused a little then tweeted, “It’s all right, your older sister will help you find a way. As long as it’s not like that top God, Xicheng, pick one on a second-tier or third-tier and this sister will certainly help you invite them.”

Ye Qiao is in the entertainment news column. She has stayed in the group for less than a year so in some ways, she already has some connections.

Ning Xiaofei was grateful for her friend’s loyalty in her heart, but she could only laugh helplessly.

“So, you can’t help.”

Who is Xicheng?

He debuted with only on a single album which was sold over a million of copies on the first try. Relying on his extraordinary appearance and musical talent, he became an instant hit across Asia with the speed resembling the plague.

In these two years, his height in power has remained overwhelmingly at the top.

He’s another well-known big shot, eccentric and unreasonable to the core. His appearance on TV shows can be counted on a finger so just relying only on her own capabilities, how can she recruit such a god.

“Ah?” Ye Qiao exclaimed. “No…don’t tell me it’s really Xicheng, is it him? This… then this sister can’t really help you. This line up, have you gone crazy? By the way, why don’t you just replace Xicheng with someone else?”

“There is still one.”

“Who?” Ye Qiao came back again.

“Mu Tianye.”

Ye Qiao burst into laughter.

“Ning Xiaofei, are you kidding me? Your husband, that man who doesn’t even listen to you?”

“Listen to your fart!” When mentioning Mu Tianye, Ning Xiaofei’s stomach¬†began to ache again.

If only he didn’t leave earlier, but now he’s gone. If he were still in A city, she could still come up with something. However, that King of hell is now miles away in Germany, and she’ll still in the rock for offending him…


Ning Xiaofei sighed with a long face.

“This time, the heavens is really punishing me!”

“Give me a break!” Ye Qiao broke into a cunning smile. “Let me tell you, this man may have the will of a bull but when sperms are all that’s in his min, he’ll turn into an imbecile. Haven’t you ever heard of the saying, even heroes have a weakness for the charms of a beautiful woman? Just figure out how to make him roar happily in bed, and anytime you want him to go to a show, he’ll surely be willing, even if you say everyday!”

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