Chapter 190 & 191

Chapter 190: Such a noble identity

“I’m fine.” Shaking his head, he said nothing more, but his expression did not look so good.

“I have a way to get you out of here, wait for me!” Fang Chixia pushed him into the bathroom and turned away.

When she came back, in her hand was a cap she bought at the airport, a black basketball cap with the brim stretched a little longer just enough to cover his profile.

Fang Chixia led him away but first sized up the surroundings. She let him follow her to an exit where quite a few people were leaving.

When they came to a nearby taxi stand, they didn’t even stop when several luxury Rolls-Royce redolent of the armed forces on duty, parked before them.

The doors were opened and a group of men in black suits alighted from within.

The men respectfully bowed in greeting then looked at Fang Chixia who was assisting him. When the men saw the injury on the man’s hand, they obviously showed concern.

One of the men approached and was about to inquire about the man’s condition but was cut off by the man’s eyes.

“Leave here first!” The man decreed dispassionately. He casted a sidelong glance at Fang Chixia, his eyes staying on her face for several seconds before stepping forward to the Rolls-Royce at the forefront, surrounded by the group of people.

When he was about to get on the car, his cold face turned sideways and in the same indifferent tone, dropped his thanks to Fang Chixia, “Thank you just now.”

“It’s okay.” Fang Chixia returned calmly and walked away.

She has no knowledge of that man’s identity. She just helped just in case he has some relations with Rongxi.

When she and Luo Yibei went to the R King’s palace before, the people there seemed to be familiar with Sha Zhixing.

The man stood by the car, quietly looking at her back, his gaze not moving for a long time.

“Your Royal Highness, Fei Si Nuo, shall we go?” The man standing behind him jolted him from his reverie.

Fei Si Nuo got a grip of himself, glanced at the man and entered the car as if nothing has happened.

“Your highness, is your injury serious?” His attendant followed him in and asked with concern.

“Nothing, it’s just a small injury?” The man ignored the attendant as his gaze unconsciously followed the direction where Fang Chixia disappeared once more.

“Who dared to be so bold?” The butler exclaimed indignantly.

“Aren’t there a few gangs of anti-royal?” Fei Si Nuo retorted indifferently sounding not like a person wounded.

The butler did not say anything again but indicated the driver to drive away.

At the airport, when Fang Chixia didn’t return to the western restaurant where Luo Yibei was waiting, he went out to find her himself.

“Where have you been?” He has the hints of about to go seek her out when he asked icily.

“I went for a stroll around for a while. Did your guest not arrive yet?” Fang Chixia did not mention Fei Si Nuo. She just leaned to the side and looked around the arrivals with eyes opened wide.

Luo Yibei took her hand and led her to the arrival lounge.

The person he was expecting has already arrived!

Luo Yibei’s guest this afternoon is a customer, an aristocrat in France.

Since Fang Chixia is fluent in French, he let her communicate with him in authentic French so everything went smoothly.

Unlike Luo Yibei who cherishes his words like gold, on the way back, the atmosphere in the car was warmer.

With her performance, Luo Yibei felt that taking her was not a wrong decision.

Chapter 191: Negotiations between two men

The group returned to Rongxi and Fang Chixia went back to Shi Jinyang’s side.

Luo Yibei sat imperiously, separated a few rows behind the two, quietly staring at their backs.

Fang Chixia and Shi Jinyang weren’t actually doing anything wrong. All their exchanges were almost all about official business. Occasionally, the two would laugh together while chatting, but there was no sense of intimacy in between them.

Recalling her words at the airport, Luo Yibei decided that perhaps, he really had thought more to it.

On top of that, with Shi Jinyang’s personality, he knew that she is his brother’s woman so he won’t be doing anything.

Luo Yibei still trusts Shi Jinyang.

Despite that, since the two have nothing to do with each other, still not relenting on giving her to him, what was the problem?

The official conference was held in the afternoon.

Many people were in attendance. Many authorities from the jewelry industry both at home and abroad attended the event. Even many members of the European royalty were present.

Rongxi’s jewelry launching generally puts forward advertisements first, followed by displaying the jewelry, then the commentary.

Two minutes before the start of the conference, a staff member rushed over and hurriedly reported to Shi Jinyang, “Shi Shaoye, this is bad. The original commentator had some emergency at home therefore couldn’t come.”

“Why have you said it only now?” Shi Jinyang closed his eyes as his face turned heavy.

“I got the message just now.” The buried his head lower and defended himself.

Shi Jinyang glared at him, rubbed his temples and rested his head at the back of his chair. He closed his eyes and contemplated on how to solve this thorny problem.

Luo Yibei advanced to their side leisurely, sat down beside him and gestured at Fang Chixia on the other side, “Let her go!”

“Chixia?” Shi Jinyang asked skeptically.

Fang Chixia was also nonplussed.

On this occasion, he let her ride it out?

“The commentary is already written. You just have to translate it. Aren’t you proficient in French?” Luo Yibei glanced faintly at her and pushed her to the staff. “Take her to the front desk and give her a brief explanation on the essentials.”

“Okay, Luo Shao.” The man nodded led Fang Chixia and left.

Shi Jinyang looked at the figures of the two in obvious worry.

Luo Yibei, who shows not a bit of anxiety, when Fang Chixia was taken away, turned his eyes to him and discussed about conditions, “How can you give her to me?”

“You let her leave just for this matter?” Shi Jinyang answered absent-mindedly, still worried that Fang Chixia won’t be able to cope.

“The conditions are up to you.” Luo Yibei followed his line of sight and also looked at Fang Chixia, but turned the topic back to business once more.

“Regardless of what condition?” Shi Jinyang responded reluctantly.

“Just say it.” Luo Yibei chased after Fang Chixia’s figure. Contrary to Shi Jinyang, he wasn’t apprehensive of her poor performance, but was even more at ease.

Shi Jinyang’s gaze faltered. He fixed his eyes on him and was about to blurt something out, however, on the stage, the advertisement’s music began.

Usually, the opening advertisement of Rongxi’s jewelry launching is the finale. This time, Sha Zhixing’s work was showcased featuring a pair of rings, wedding rings,

At the beginning of the advertisement, the picture showed a piece of white veil with a ring inserted on one end. It slowly slid down the veil until it collided with the other one below, with some special effects, the two were then cradled in rose layers, holding them together.

The whole picture was awe-inspiring.

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  1. Yibei is still bargaining to gain Chixia as his office assistant. He may have to pay a price that he won’t want to pay.
    Thanks for this chapter


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