Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Refined the drug

That booming roar made Zilan retract her head ——

She subconsciously covered her mouth, and then dared not say a word.

“I’m sorry, you see, our lady doesn’t like others to bother her when she’s refining medicine.” Zilan turned her head and spoke to the man on the side.

“What a surprise, I didn’t expect that Miss Feng was actually a refining pharmacist.” This man was the one sent to convey the imperial decree.

This man with a tall stature dressed in a simple black brocade robe and with a white jaded countenance, gave a faint smile.

“Yeah….Our lady is amazing.” When speaking of their miss, Zilan couldn’t help adding delightedly. “Rumors outside said that our lady is a waste, but who would have known that our lady is actually a super genius Those who say that our lady is a trash are a bunch of unsightly rabbles!”

Listening to Zilan’s assertion, He Lian Zi Xuan’s eyes shone with endless interest.

He Lian Zi Xuan is the fifth son of the curren t emperor and also the fifth prince.

When he was young, he was kept out because of his infirmities until he turned twelve years old.

At that time, Feng Chuge was just driven out of the Feng Residence, and also because of that day, the name Feng Chuge in He Lian Zi Xuan’s memory is particularly profound.

“It seems Miss Feng is really busy…… In that case, I’ll wait for her outside.”

But just as he turned around, the room inside suddenly came a “bang-“, followed by the laughter of Feng Chuge.

“Ha ha……. It worked.……”

The door was pushed open and at that same moment, multitudinous pungent gas smoke from the room went straight into the noses of people outside who choked in response.

Feng Chuge came out of that thick smoke.

The originally white dress on her body has already been transformed into a dirty grey.

“Miss, did you succeed?” Zilan faltered in surprise.

She was well aware of how much effort their lady has employed into this medicine.

“Yes, it’s a success.” Feng Chuge acknowledged, lifting her footsteps and proceeded into another room without delay.

That was Achen’s room.

In the room, Achen was sitting cross-legged on the bed, suggesting that he was circulating the breath in his body.

When the door was suddenly pushed open, Achen opened his eyes only to be greeted with Feng Chuge’s sooty face.

“Woman, what have you done? Did you stick your head into the fire?”

Feng Chuge pierced her with a cold glance, “I finally managed to cleanse the ice silkworm blood and the thousands of fluid, if you think you can put them into a pile of firewood just to get a fever medicine, then I’ll listen to you.”

Achen understood the underlying meaning behind Feng Chuge’s statement, “Were you able to refine that drug?”

Feng Chuge uncovered the drug in her hand.

This bloody drug, when placed under the light, will scatter a faint glow.

The familiar taste, familiar feeling, made Achen stare at the pill with utter amazement.

“Yes, that’s it!!”

Achen reached out to take it.

Feng Chuge however easily dodged his hand.

“Let me make it clear, it’s impossible for this medicine to help people grow up. At most, it will just eliminate toxins in the body and prolonging life.”

Achen’s eyes were fixed on the pill, and whatever it was Feng Chuge was still spouting about, he just nodded.

He looked at the red elixir with his head up, the picture of an expectant child eyeing a candy….

Seeing him nod, Feng Chuge handed him the pill, “I repeat, this drug when eaten, it’s impossible for you to grow up…”

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