EP – Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Gamble

Zhang Yue is a gentleman. Facing Pei Ruoxi’s aggressive, he was naturally speechless. He could only blushed and turned red in embarrassment.

Zhang Yue was just trying to help her out. A grown man being cursed aloud by Pei Ruoxi, where would Ning Xiaofei stomach such.

“Pei Ruoxi!” Ning Xiaofei pounded the table. “Okay, let’s have a bet. If I can invite our honored guests, you will apologize Zhang Yue and to all the people present.”

“Want to bet?” Pei Ruoxi released her bag which slammed down on the table. “Alright, then let’s raise the stakes. Within three days, if you can invite any of the guests, I’ll admit defeat. To compensate, I will not only apologize to all of you but I will even do it on TV during my program.”

“If you lose, I want you to disappear from the column group immediately, get out of the TV station, and never mix in this circle again! Ning Xiaofei, dare to take the gamble?”

Zhang Yue immediately got up from his chair, “Xiao Ning, don’t be impulsive!”

Zhang Yue has just been on the stage for two years and was well aware of the difficulty for newcomers. Ning Xiaofei has entered the column group so quickly and even gained the approval of Ji Mo, this itself was a rare opportunity.

If she bets on it, then there’ll be no more chance for retreat for Ning Xiaofei.

At the table, the crowd looked at the two girls who stood by each other, but no one opened their mouths to dissuade them.

On one hand, there is the column’s pillar, Pei Ruoxi, and on the other, Ning Xiaofei, who was appreciated by Director Ji Mo. They dare not offend either of them.

This workplace resembles a battlefield. If their camp couldn’t stand well, who knows if they’ll lose tomorrow. Who wouldn’t think of themselves?

Ning Xiaofei surveyed the surrounding and frowned when her eyes passed over Zhang Yue. She swiftly took in the faces of the people, critically assessing….

Fact is, Ning Xiaofei was well aware that except Zhang Yue, no one around the table was really optimistic about her. If she wants to make this column run smoothly, she must let these people collaborate with her work.

If she backs down today, everyone will look down on her, and the next job will be much harder to do.

Pei Ruoxi reached for the bag on the table and shook her head tauntingly.

“I knew you had no balls, what a waste of time!””

She turned, walked again to the door, and opened it to leave.

In the conference room, the voice of a girl reverberated clearly.

“Okay, I bet!”

The three words and the pleasant voice boomed like thunder.

It wasn’t only Pei Ruoxi whose eyebrows jumped, even Zhang Yue and the other colleagues hearts were blown up in astonishment.

This girl, is she crazy?!

“Good!” Pei Ruoxi soon calmed herself down and turned back. “Ning Xiaofei, since you are so courageous, let’s send a written pledge to fulfill the bets on the TV station’s WeChat group, so that all the people on the platform, up and down will bear witness, do your dare?”

Betting with only an oral agreement would be useless. One can just open her mouth and deny the account.

Pei Ruoxi scoffed.

Want to play games with her?

Ning Xiaofei, you’re still wet behind your ears!

Ning Xiaofei gritted her teeth lightly.

“Zhang Yue, send a written pledge out together with the terms!”

“Xiao Ning.” Zhang Yue called out awkwardly. “I know you are doing this for my sake, it’s alright. We…. forget it!”

“No!” Ning Xiaofei brushed off his arm. “If you’re not going to fight back, I will!”

Turning on her computer, she snapped her fingers, quickly typing a piece of text on the computer, and then pressed the print button.

After a while, the printer typed the file, she reached for the pen, signed her name on the bottom, and then slammed it on the table.

“Your turn!”

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