Chapter 28

Chapter 28: An outsider occupy the Feng Family?

“Why should we leave, my lord? Why should an outsider occupy our Feng Family?” The second madam suddenly swung around and screamed at Feng Zhaoyang. “My lord, have you never suspected? That Princess Jiande gave birth to this kind of trash within only eight months of pregnancy. Moreover, the baby was perfectly fine and wasn’t premature at all!”

Feng Chaoyang was stunned.

Dawn flashed before the second madam’s eyes and a venomous smile suddenly bloomed all over her face. “My lord, this little trash was born of Princess Jiande and other men. When Princess Jiande disappeared out of the blue for a month, after her return, the emperor immediately bestowed her hand in marriage to you. If there was nothing tricky about this, why would the emperor marry her off so quickly? Before, because Princess Jiande was a royal princess, I dared not voice it out for fear that others will say I’m fabricating rumors randomly. But this time, we are being bullied by an outsider over our heads! Really my lord….the Feng territory mustn’t be taken over by an outsider!”

Feng Zhaoyang stood rooted to the ground, his eyes full of shock.

There was nothing wrong with what the second madam has said. At that time, Princess Jiande did give birth to Feng Chuge within eight months only. However, at that time, her nurse said that Princess Jiande was accidentally knocked down causing her premature delivery. He never questioned anything and believed them. Howbeit, listening to the second madam’s accusation then thinking back on the events prior to their wedding, Feng Zhaoyang remained immobilized and his face began to redden as anger overtook him.

It turned out that Feng Chuge wasn’t his blood!

“Feng Chuge, you aren’t a part of the Feng Family. What qualifications do you have to take over the Feng residence?” The second madam was determined to stay at the Feng residence. If they were to leave, they really have nowhere to go.

“Being one of the Feng Family has nothing to do with me. Am I not of the same blood as Feng Zhaoyang? I don’t care.” Feng Chuge gave a lopsided grin and chuckled. If she isn’t the daughter of Feng Zhaoyang, then she is just a ghost from another world!!

After making her position clear, she picked up the contract and the deeds of the Feng Residence with the fingerprints of both parties, Feng Chuge raised her hand and gave a sardonic grin, “I don’t recognize anything else, I only recognize this black and white paper!!

When her words fell, Feng Chuge turned around, went to Zilan and the others then ordered them, “Drive out everyone who are irrelevant… Don’t let them stay in this house and get into my eyes.”

“Yes!” Zilan, Biluo and Luzhu advanced together and caught up with them.

The second madam have never thought that this Feng Chuge wouldn’t care about her own origins. Just the same, there was no other way at the moment.

“Feng Chuge, you are a little trash. I tell you, my son Feng Yuanhang is at Yuntian college. He is now the leader of Yuntian college and he’ll certainly enter Tiandi Fu.”

“Oh, what is it to me if your son enters Tiandi Fu?”

“If you accommodate us now, when the time comes, we will also let you go. But driving us away would be tantamount to killing us. He’ll never forgive you when he returns from his journey.”

The second madam’s yell was louder than any from the house. She assumed that after listening to her litany, Feng Chuge would at least be a little scared and temporarily leave them alone. She didn’t expect the utter indifference of Feng Chuge’s response, “Your son hasn’t entered Tiandi Fu yet. If we must settle accounts, wait for him to go in. Let’s discuss terms by then….. Zilan, hurry up, this old woman’s twittering, I really don’t like it.”

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