Chapter 184 & 185

Chapter 184: Great Morning Turmoil

Just looking at him, Fang Chixia’s head was short-circuited for a few seconds before she hastily retracted her hand and foot in panic.

She couldn’t remember what she had done to him last night and in fear of him misunderstanding, she opened the sheets wanting to get up first but Luo Yibei’s closed eyes, because of her movements, suddenly slammed open.

His thin lips opened and a rough sentence leisurely fluttered out, “Are you just going to walk away?”

Fang Chixia was jolted, what’s with that tone?

With the implication that she had done something unmentionable the night before.

The expression on her face solidified for a moment before she turned her head to the side. She greeted him halfheartedly, “You’re awake.”

Luo Yibei regarded her quietly and deliberately zeroed in on her hand.

Her hand had been on his chest last night. Luo Yibei couldn’t ignore the soft, smooth, and delicate feeling of it throughout the night. Although it was just resting on his chest, the feeling poured into his heart continuously caressing it making his heart tickle, too.

“I’m going to freshen up.” Baffled at the strange way he was looking at her, Fang Chixia calmed herself down, dropped a sentence and rushed into the bathroom.

Luo Yibei took in the sight of her figure disappearing faster than a rabbit. The corners of his eyes crinkled.

What was she running for?

He hasn’t done anything yet!

This morning was a working day.

Although Fang Chixia can’t get out of the bathroom for a long time at night, her efficiency is generally high in the morning.

It took only a few minutes for her to wash up. She briefly prepared two breakfasts, and after Lo Yibei went downstairs, she went with him to the company.

After arriving at the company, she stepped forward heading to her office floor when a warning from Luo Yibei followed behind her, “Transfer to my side. You’d better consider this matter seriously. You know that I don’t have much patience. Don’t wait till the day my patience run out or you’ll bore the consequences yourself.”

He was obviously threatening her. With that said, he didn’t even allow Fang Chixia a chance for a comeback and strode to his office floor.

It might probably because she had been with him for a long time. Fang Chixia wasn’t afraid of him at all now, especially after what she has gone through yesterday.

She didn’t take his warning seriously and continued to her office.

Stepping into his office, Luo Yibei lazily sat on the French swivel chair and face his desk. His fingertips drummed on the table and somehow, the image of Fang Chixia’s love at first sight watch suddenly popped up in his mind.

As soon as he thought about that watch, his chest felt stuffed.

He got up, opened his door again, and went straight to Shi Jinyang’s building.

There would always be a big buzz every time he shows up at Shi Jinyang’s office. Basically, the talents that are downstairs together with the female employees of the entire building would be passed by one by one. In the end, even the people who still haven’t arrived would informed of his visit.

The same is true at the moment.

Fang Chixia has already experienced it one time before. When her female colleagues started a commotion one by one, holding a mirror up to retouch, she immediately was forewarned.

What is he doing there again this time?

The signature pen in Fang Chixia’s hand struck her head again and again but still couldn’t guess his purpose of his coming there.

Luo Yibei appeared in front of her two or three minutes later.

When he came to Shi Jinyang’s office, her eyes widened in astonishment as he leaned against the door and hooked a finger at her.

Identical to summoning a puppy.

Fang Chixia turned rigid. She gouged him out with a glance and averted her eyes without batting an eyelid, like she has not seen his signal.


Chapter 185: Are we indirectly kissing?

Luo Yibei swept his eyes off her indifferently and entered Shi Jinyang’s office. He greeted with a jibe, “I only haven’t come for a few days but when did your assistant turn temperamental?”

Shi Jinyang looked up and retorted offhandedly, “I’m used to it.”

With only four words, the expression on Luo Yibei’s face condensed.

The atmosphere went weird in a moment.

The rest of the office, after that remark, all eyes also brushed on Fang Chixia’s face.

So casual?

Fang Chixia squirmed on her seat. To avoid Luo Yibei misunderstanding again, she pushed back her chair and stood up. She doesn’t need Luo Yibei to open his mouth again. She walked towards him.

Walking past him into the office, she took a cup from the coffe table and as a hospitable assistant to a guest, she prepared a cup of tea and served it to him.

Luo Yibei grimly observed every move she made. He sat on the sofa and stared at the cup of tea but didn’t take it.

“You don’t like my reception? Why don’t I go out and bring someone in?” Fang Chixia put the teacup in her hand on the table and turned wanting to escape but the cool thin voice of Luo Yibei came from the back, “Did I say you can go?”

Fang Chixia stopped on her tracks and looked over her head, she answered, “You didn’t say that I can’t.”

What she actually wanted to say was that Shi Jinyang was her boss here.

However, to avoid suffering at night when they’re home, she resisted the impulse.

Luo Yibei’s eyes sharpened like ice blades.

Fang Chixia wasn’t cowered at all and just transfered her gaze on the side as if nothing has happened.

Luo Yibei snorted dourly. The corner of his lips twitched as he leaned back against the sofa. He crossed his arms on his chest and screwed up his eyes on the teacup under his eyelids. “I don’t like distilled sparkling water. Change mine to mineral water.”

This was Shi Jinyang’s office and so many people out there knew that the trio were in there. It’s prudent for Fang Chixia to get out as fast as she could.

Like a little wife who was forced to keep her hands down, she carried the teapot to the pantry and changed the pot water into mineral.

After the water boiled, she again soaked some tea and when she was ready to pour it down, Luo Yibei’s next remarks came floating by, “What’s that tea? I want Biluochun.”

His demand came in a timely manner, just after she has soaked up the tea bag ready to be served.

“Why didn’t you say so beforehand?” Fang Chixia froze midair and suddenly lifted her face up.

Did he come here today to spite her?

Luo Yibei just looked her up and down. With a hand on his forehead, he said, “I didn’t think of it.”

Fang Chixia gave him a crossed look and took a deep breath. She lowered her head and changed the bag of tea. She went out to pick up the pot of mineral water.

When she returned, she soaked one bag again and handed it over to his hand. Luo Yibei took in and lightly sipped.

Fang Chixia saw him drink and gave a sigh of relief.

It’s just that, in another attempt to go out, she didn’t even take a step when Luo Yibei’s voice rang again, “The water temperature was not controlled, It’s really hard to drink.”

“Is it?” Fang Chixia’s foot stood still again obviously not believing any word he has said.

Luo Yibei handed her his cup.

Fang Chixia received it and took a sip.

She just swallowed it when the lingering voice of Luo Yibei echoed once more, “That cup is where I has just drank from. Actually, I just wanted you to help me put it down.”

The sound of his last word has just settled down when he followed it with a sensual question, “What say you, are we indirectly kissing?”

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