Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Sitting on a hedgehog


This time, it’s Ning Xiaofei’s turn clamming up.

“What?” Ji Mo gently raised a brow, “You have the guts to write but no courage to carry it out?”

He lifted the plan in his hand and tossed it before her.

“Would you like to resign? Okay….. you can get lost now!”

Pei Ruoxi sat back on her chair, gloating over Ning Xiaofei’s tension. A cold sneer flashed at the corner of her lips.

When she heard that get out, Ning Xiaofei’s eyebrows immediately jumped up.

Trying to make her leave, oh, she won’t be leaving!

Stretching an arm to pick up her case plan then holding it to her bosom, Ning Xiaofei reached for her resignation letter and threw it into a garbage bin in the corner.

“Who said I was going to quit, I want to be in charge.” She threw a glance at Pei Ruoxi, “Unless you can guarantee that everyone in this room will listen to me from now on!”

Ji Mo braced his hands on the table and stood up, “From now on, Ning Xiaofei is promoted to temporary master planner. Everyone must cooperate with her work. If someone stalls and affects the show process, then don’t blame from turning my back on you. I am heading to Fengyuan Media, Ning Xiaofei, assign the next tasks.”

Closing her own laptop, Ji Mo went out straight away.

Ning Xiaofei pressed her lips firmly together, carried her own plan and walked over to the main seat.

Once upon a thousand times, she has imagined herself as the master planner, sitting in the main position and pointing at rivers and mountains. (pass judgement on everything.)

But those were only made real in her imaginations.

Looking around and seeing everyone’s eyes on her, Ning Xiaofei rather felt like she was sitting on a hedgehog. Every twist of her butt was uncomfortable.

“Cough!” She cleared her throat, “I think everyone has more experience than I do, so why don’t we brainstorm and discuss about it?”

After all, she was just a newcomer. Sitting on the leader’s seat, she could instantly tell that most of them have mixed in this circle for a long time. Having a guilty conscience would always be a bit inevitable.

In the corner, Zhang Yue raised his palms together and initiated a clap for her.

He took the lead and everyone followed the beat.

Ning Xiaofei glanced at him gratefully.

“That…… should I discuss the specifics of my plan first?”

She turned on her computer, connected it to the projector, distributed some documents she had copied to everyone and then explained them meticulously.

She started off with some stuttering then it gradually got better.

All around, everyone was browsing at her plan. They nodded from time to time and some raised questions. Feeling certain that they were now more interested in her plan, their approval heightened Ning Xiaofei’s confidence.

“This time, I plan to invite two guests. One is Shi Xicheng. I don’t need to introduce him as everyone is well aware of his circumstances. And the other one….” She clicked the mouse and the projector immediately projected a photo of Mu Tianye.

“Very handsome!” Her female colleagues immediately cried out. “Is he an actor? He looks a bit familiar.”

“He is not in showbiz, he is an architect and also the president of the Mu company…”

Ning Xiaofei simply quoted Mu Tianye’s details which aroused everyone’s interes in an instant.

“I never expected that there was such a male god in the architectural circle. I always thought that men in the engineering field were kind of unattractive? Without mentioning anything else, his face is not inferor to Xicheng. If we display these two photos side by side and publish it, wouldn’t female fans go crazy? For the initial phase, we’re have to invite these heavyweight personalities!”



Everyone burst out in excitement.

Except Pei Ruoxi who leaned back against her chair revealing a sneer.



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