Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Compensation of 38 million 2.

“Is that right? That’s a shame…. I figured out the total value of all those items comes to 38, 000, 002 pieces of silver.

“38, 000, 002!” Feng Zhaoyang raised his head at once and exclaimed.

“If you don’t believe me, you can go over it yourself. I even deducted the interest from it…. Taking into consideration that I had lived in the Feng Mansion for some time, I am being benevolent for once and the interest was deducted from the total of 40,000,002 silver. Now you only have to pay 38,000,002.”

“Thirty-eight million two, where would I get so much money?”

Just yesterday, because Feng Qianxue has scared the second master of the Yun family to death, the Yun family marched into Feng Mansion and demanded a costly compensation costs.

Due to the status of the Yun Family, the Feng family didn’t dare offend them anymore. They only had to compensate the family for 20 million.

That twenty million almost emptied the entire coffers of the Feng Family. Now, where would he even get half of that money?

“You can’t pay? I don’t care. You have used my mother’s dowry at will. This is totally a disrespect to my mother. My mother’s dowry are royal items and you’ve lost all of them. These were turned to you for safekeeping. No matter what charges you’ll be given, they’ll be enough for you to suffer!”

“Feng Chuge, what the hell is wrong with you? Would it only make you happy when you take down my Feng Family?”

“Master Feng, your whitewashing paranoia is really too heavy. Bringing down the Feng Family, this sentence itself is an insult to me. I just want to take back my own belongings. As for the rest, it’s not my problem!”

Taking back what belongs to this body and making up for the suffering that this body has eaten for years.

What was wrong with that?

“Thirty-eight million two, Master Feng, no more discussions! If you can’t give it to me, then I’ll have to go to the emperor.……”

Feng Zhaoyang never thought that Feng Chuge would be so unfeeling.

He looked up only to be met by Feng Chuge cold gaze without any trace of emotions deep within her eyes.

Even if he was unwilling, he eventually had to compromise.

It would be a great crime if it were to reach the ears of the royal family.

Moreover, the current Feng family has no money nor support from the backstage, and it was no longer the same as it used to be.

The former Feng Family may still have a bit of respect for being part of the royal family, but Feng Zhaoyang was well aware, the current Feng Family is completely lost….

He hung his eyes slightly, and finally, raised his head……

“This big house should be worth 38 million, so let’s mortgage this house first.”

Feng Chuge narrowed her eyes. She has never thought that Feng Zhaoyang would have such a refreshing day.

“Okay! Master Feng, the mortgage terms, you better write them down. It would save outsiders from asking who I am.”

With a pen and ink, Feng Zhaoyang wrote words on the paper using the house as a mortgage for his debt.

That is, from today forward, before Feng Zhaoyang could fully pay off the 38 million two, this house will not temporarily belong to him.

“Master Feng, since this house is already mine…… Then there shouldn’t be any more of you here.” Feng Chuge smiled brightly but the words she uttered on the contrary completely horrified Feng Zhaoyang.

However, once Feng Chuge decided on something, only a few people can change her mind.

In despair, Feng Zhaoyang had to pack up their things, took the second madam and Feng Qingwan who was still covered in gauze, and moved out of the house.

This family burned with hatred for Feng Chuge.

When the second madam was leaving, she kept staring at Feng Chuge.

“Let’s go, wife. Let’s be gone. This is no longer our home.” At the sight of the second madam’s reluctance to leave, Feng Zhaoyang spoke and pulled her.

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