Chapter 182 & 183

Chapter 182: I thought you would

Fang Chixia was a bit startled at his sudden appearance. She looked at him sideways and the hand holding her chopsticks which has just sent noodles to her mouth, stiffened midair.

Luo Yibei slowly walked over and pulled back a chair beside her then sat down.

“What are you doing down here?” Unaware of the noise she has just created, Fang Chixia asked in bewilderment.

Luo Yibei also did not mention the noise she made, but turned his eyes to the appetizing bowl of noodles she was just about to devour.

The surface was very full. With the noodles, inside were all kinds of seafood and vegetables which were added into a pile.

It was past two in the morning already. Eating this much, it seemed that her mood today wasn’t affected by the confrontation with Fang Fei.

Luo Yibei has never been polite to her and regardless whether the bowl was hers, he took the chopsticks in her hands, moved the bowl in front of him and took a mouthful of noodles from the bowl.

These series of movements rendered Fang Chixia a bit dumbfounded.

Retracting her empty hand, she reminded, “I just used those chopsticks.”

“So?” Luo Yibei replied indifferently and continued eating.

Fang Chixia said no more and shut her mouth.

He already ate the noodles and heard no complaints from her, so what are the chopsticks?

Luo Yibei seemed to be a little hungry. He shoved mouthful of noodles one after another and in the next moment, the surface of the bowl was almost emptied.

“Is it enough? Do you want me to make some more?” Fang Chixia didn’t raise her voice against him tonight, and was even considerate.

“No.” Luo Yibei’s head did not lift, still eating his own but he just slow down a little.

He was really hungry at this time. After sitting on the plane for more than ten hours and eating nothing after he came back, it really would be strange if he wasn’t hungry.

While eating half-way, he glimpsed at Fang Chixia looking at him eagerly. He thought of her eating when he just came downstairs, with a faint voice, he said, “Go get a pair of chopsticks.”

Fang Chixia was again taken aback.

She quickly fetched a pair of chopsticks out. Luo Yibei moved the bowl between them and continued to eat as if nothing has happened.

The amount Fang Chixia has cooked was really considerable and was enough for two people.

She also wasn’t polite with him. And considering that it was cooked by herself, when he pushed it over, she took a bite.

Halfway through, when she thought of his sudden appearance rushing to save her today, her face lifted up, “Right, how did you get there today? Weren’t you abroad?”

Luo Yibei received her phone call when he just got off the plane. It was her voice when the strange call came and the ferocious voice of the person next to her that gained a reaction from Luo Yibei and made him conclude of what happened.

Luo Yibei had been sitting on the plane for more than ten hours at that time. After getting off, he was quite very tired and his stomach was still empty. Nonetheless, he still went.

However, he couldn’t say much to Fang Chixia he only gave her a faint response “I just came back.”

What he said was an understatement. Fang Chixia remained silent for a while and suddenly blurted out, “I thought you wouldn’t come…”

Her tone was very light and her breath was too calm but unknowingly revealed a bit of loss, that feeling, like being abandoned.

Luo Yibei’s spine stiffened. He glanced sideways and his eyes fell silently on her face.

Fang Chixia’s eyes were misty but her eyes were bright and shimmering with tears. Staring at this look of hers, Luo Yibei’s chest softened as if struck by something. He leaned forward and kissed her eyes.

Chapter 183: You are embarrassed

His kiss was soft, without any desire, as if trying to soothe her.

His thin lips brushed her long eyelashes and kissed the corner of her wet eyes then stopped there without any other movements.

Fang Chixia was astounded at his sudden gestures. She sat rock still but then raised an arm to push him away. Luo Yibei loosened her himself.

“It’s very late, go to sleep early.” He put down the cutlery and his face restored its usual indifference.

He stood up as if nothing had happened, and carried her upstairs.

He did this naturally, as if the two had already rehearsed it countless times.

The way he held her or his arms supported her body was that of a man holding a child. When they were on their way upstairs, they were face-to-face.

Being so close to him, Fang Chixia was a little uncomfortable, especially when staring at his excessively dazzling face.

Not wanting him to notice it, she averted her eyes.

“Are you being shy?” Beside her however, came the crisp teasing voice of Luo Yibei.

“Who said that?” Fang Chixia didn’t hesitate to refute in her unwillingness to show inferiority. To support her statement, she took the initiative to wound her arms around his neck.

Luo Yibei just gave a faint glance at her arms but made no comments. He strode to continue their way upstairs.

The pair went all the way through the long staircase, up the stairs, back to the bedroom, and Luo Yibei turned to the bathroom for a bath.

Fang Chixia already had her shower earlier. Since it was very late and it was almost three in the morning, upon hitting the bed, she fell asleep after a short while.

In these days when Luo Yibei was absent, she had been sleeping alone.

Being alone, her sleeping habit has become more and more inelegant in recent days. She covered herself in a quilt and wrapped her arms around a bunch of sheets seemingly like steamed dumplings. She slept on her side with one leg curled up and the other sprawled randomly in the bed. With her posture, she occupied a space for two.

When Lou Yibei was met with a picture like this after coming out the shower, his eyebrows drew together. He slowly approached the bed staring at her face, the corners of his eyes couldn’t help but twitch a bit.

The masters bed was very large. In fact, even with Fang Chixia was sleeping that way, there were still a lot of space left, at the least, not invading his territory.

However, Luo Yibei found it displeasing to the eye.

Bending over, he pulled out the quilt that was held tightly in her arms and spread it randomly to the side. He helped her adjust those unruly legs then lay sideways on her side. He then stretched a long arm and gathered her in his arms.

With eyes down, he examined their posture and finally found everything to his satisfaction.

Considering her drowsy state, Fang Chixia obviously was unaware of what he was doing. Uniform to cuddling her quilt, the unruly leg he had just adjusted stretched out and climbed his leg. Another arm also groped it’s way to his chest and the head on his arm arched like a lazy cat.

Luo Yibei didn’t push her away even when she put her arms around him. He just faintly glanced at the slender leg wrapped around his.

Fang Chixia was totally out of it. After hugging him, she didn’t let go until she woke up the next day.

She blinked and was first met with a close up look of his face. She froze and then her vision trailed down extremely slowly at her own arm embracing him, then on the leg entwined on his lap. Her mind instantly went blank for a few seconds.

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