Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Debt

“Yes, Achen! Miss is very suitable with the first beautiful man.”

“En, they are a good match!” Achen nodded heavily to the ground.

Seeing them like this, Feng Chuge helplessly shook her head. This group of live treasures was really becoming more and more devoid of moral decency——

” Go, go, go to sleep. We have have business to attend to in the morning.”

“Business? What business?” Zilan prodded.

The smile on Feng Chuge’s face slowly dispersed. Thinking back on this evening’s events, Feng Zhaoyang sent someone to attack her. Feng Chuge’s eyes gradually cooled down. She really couldn’t imagine, if not for thesudden appearance of the Emperor early, she would have died in the hands of that white-clad old man!

Feng Chuge’s eyes narrowed for a long time before a smile crept up her face, “Debt colletion~~”

“Okay, debt collection, we love doing that!” The three maids with violent tendencies exclaimed in excitement.

The next morning, the sun shone gold, and the sky brightened beautifully.

Early in the morning, Feng Chuge with her three maids marched to Feng Zhaoyang’s room.

Feng Zhaoyang’s room was closed, but from the outside, they could still detect his breath. Feng Chuge was certain that Feng Zhaoyang was inside.

“Master Feng,…… It’s been two days already. Remember what we talked about before? Repay back everything that belongs to me.……”

In the room, Feng Zhaoyang was huddled in one corner but after hearing the voice of Feng Chuge, his whole face lost color.

Yesterday he did go to ask the elder Tiandi Bai to help him eliminate Feng Chuge.

The White elder, Tiandi Bai, had reached the Ling Zun level. He absolutely was a rare top master.

He was full of thoughts that the White elder had killed Feng Chuge. Who would have expected that upon waking up in the morning, he saw the bloody body of the white elder lying across the door of his house…..

Thinking of the white elder’s death, Feng Zhaoyang’s heart was hit with a chill that couldn’t be warmed.

He was afraid of death, very much afraid of death.

The knocking at the door went on for a while.

The sound, like a reminder of his fate, poked at his heart little by little.

The door remained closed.

Zilan finally couldn’t stand it. “Master Feng, if you don’t open the door, we will hit it——”

After the words were finished, Zilan took two steps backwards, and the strength of a Ling Shi master slammed on the door.

“Bang——” with a loud plop, the door was pushed open.

When the door was knocked open, Feng Zhaoyang jumped up in an instant…

He fixed his eyes on Feng Chuge with horror and drew back.

Today, the Feng family has been going downhill.

First, the daughters of the Feng Family were injured, and then the Feng daughter, who was married to the Yun family, scared the fool to death provoking the complete cutting of ties between the two families. And now… even the most powerful master behind the Feng family has died inexplicably….

These were all fatal blows to the Feng family.

Everything that has happened could only come down to one sentence, that is…. The Feng Family is finished!!

This Master Feng Zhaoyang appeared somewhat pitiful, but Feng Chuge has never been a forgiving person.

She walked towards Feng Zhaoyang, “Master Feng, today is the agreed time for returning all my belongings to me. I don’t know if you are ready for that Master Feng?”

Feng Zhaoyang’s face was a dead gray with a bleak radiance. In the end, he could only shake his head in dismay.

He couldn’t be hard on Feng Chuge for her strength was far above his!

If he really meets her with his own strength head-on, when that time comes, he’s afraid his fate would only be really pitiful!

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  1. what i like from this novel is.. super savage !! only take less than 30 chapter but the firat stage of revenge already conclusive. take another story who will drag on and on until hundreds chapter until its tied the knot

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