Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Beautiful and worthy

The moonlight was scattered and sprinkled in every corner of the yard.

Feng Chuge looked for Achen, searching all around and finally stopped at the edge of a rockery.

“Woman…are you looking for me?” At top left of Feng Chuge, a waxy voice suddlenly sounded.

Going along the path, she saw Achen sitting on a rock on the highest point.

Achen was wearing a while robe. Under the moonlight, it casted a faint glow.

After confirming that Achen was safe and sound, Feng Chuge was slightly relieved.

“Little devil, who let you run around? Don’t you know that the Feng Family home is very dangerous? Do you know that you scared your older sister to death?!”

Achen looked away and warned, “Humph, woman, you’re not allowed to say you are my sister, or else, I will not go back with you.”

“If not older sister, then what?”

“Wife ——” Achen winked and smiled.

Feng Chuge’s lips pumped up.

Before, Achen asked her if she would wait for him to marry her when he grew up. She was only joking with him and didn’t expect that Achen would have this idea deeply rooted in his heart.

“How old are you, you little brat! Marry a wife! Get down this instant!”

“Then when I grow up woman, you must marry me woman!”

“You are still young!”

“I don’t care. You just have to promise me that you will do so. If you answer “No”, I will not get down. Even if you come up to catch me, I won’t go down.”

Feng Chuge used to think that Achen’s mentality was somewhat mature. But at this moment, hearing his tone, she chuckled.

This is what a child should be like.

To be coaxed, to be deceived so he can smile happily.

“Alright, I promise you that. Now, come down.”

“Okay!” A smile brightened on Achen’s fine little face.

Feng Chuge was a bit startled at Achen’s smile.

Why does Achen’s smile give off a feeling a bit similar to the Emperor??

Feng Chuge shook her head slightly, sure enough, it’s the most common among beautiful men…..



When Feng Chuge and Achen returned to their courtyard, Zilan and Biluo were still immersed in their own world.

“That’s enough, the two of you.” Feng Chuge couldn’t help but smile at the two’s demeanor.

“Miss, Jue Chen is truly the most handsome. He deserves the first rank as the most beautiful man in Yuntian.”

“Yeah…I have never seen such a beautiful person.” Biluo chirped in.

“But Miss, that kind of heroic man is worthy of you.” Zilan suddenly thought of something and sat up straight, then said seriously, “If Mr. Jue Chen can become our master-in-law, gee, then I really would be blessed with an eye candy everyday!”

Feng Chuge’s lips twitched.

She thought it was Zilan who liked the Emperor for herself and didn’t expect her to have such a thought.

“All right, it’s so late, go and have a rest.”

“No, I’ve seen the Emperor so I can’t sleep tonight.” Zilan continued. “Biluo, let me say, the picture of our young lady standing with the Emperor together just now, wasn’t it beautiful?”

Biluo nodded.

“Is he worthy?”

“Well, it is a good match!!”

“Beautiful and worthy, shouldn’t they be together?”

Biluo nodded again….

At the same time, Achen who was on the side also gave a heavy nod.

“Yes, they are a good match!!”

“Look Miss, children never lie….. Even Achen said that you are a good match…”

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