Chapter 178 & 179

Chapter 178: Hang up on her

The man glanced at the necklace on her neck and spread his fingers in front of her.

“10 million?” Fear gripped Fang Chixia’s heart.

“100 million!” The man corrected her.

Fang Chixia whitened as her head seemed to have exploded.

100 million?

That’s really ruthless!

“Either you call your family or we’ll call our previous employer.” The man’s legs changed postures and picked up another mobile phone to play with.

Fang Chixia blinked at the man and her heart sank to the bottom.

A hundred million wasn’t a joke. Where would she find such an amount?

What made her even more desperate was who to call?

The Fang Family?

The Fang Family didn’t count her as their own. If she really did call, Fang Chixia was certain they won’t give a damn about her.

Other than them, who else could she call?

Fang Chixia has no relatives from the start not to mention rich enough to pay such a costly kidnapping demand.

The only person she was best close to would be Tong Yan.

However, Tong Yan was just a girl and a student like her. If she had money, it would be from her parents. Fang Chixia was reluctant to be any bother to her parents.

Fang Chixia brooded long in silence and in the end, the name she could only come up to was Luo Yibei.

But she completely lacked confidence in him helping her out.

What’s more, with their relationship, he might not necessarily spend so much money for her, he wasn’t even at home now!

Fang Chixia was at sixes and sevens and for a long time didn’t speak.

The man evidently did not have much patience. He place the phone against her ear and pushed her.

With hands tied, Fang Chixia could only let him press a series of numbers.

In anyway, she could only give it a try.

When the phone was dialed, the connecting tone of the phone, “dudu toot” sounded, and every ring mimicked a meteorite striking at Fang Chixia’s heart.

After a while, when Fang Chixia was about to give up, the phone went through.

Luo Yibei’s voice came from the other end, “Who is it?”

He has always been very concise, his breathing clear and cold.

“Luo Yibei….” Fang Chixia called out to him but the next words were stuck in her throat.

100 million!

He has no reason to pay so much for a woman whom he felt no love at all!

The man holding the phone with the scar on his face waited on her but after staying silent for a while, he impatiently urged, “Hurry up!”

The clear voice, strange and rough, went right through Luo Yibei’s ears who was listening quietly. The color of his eyes darkened and his finger pressed the end call button.

The toot toot of the call ended was transmitted clearly to Fang Chixia’s ear. Her body went numb and her head went blank in an instant.

He hung up the phone.

He didn’t even spare a moment for her to say a word…..

The only hope she was vying for was lost. Like a bucket of ice has been poured down on her, it chilled her body and mind.

Seemed like she can only rely on herself.

The question is, how could she escape?

She collectedly sized up the men in the room and her heart touched the bottom.

“The man hung up on the phone, then there’s no other way.” The leader stood up and turned to the side likely to call his employer.

After exchanging a few words, the other men flung the door open and went outside as lookouts.

Fang Chixia measured the closed door quietly. Her eyes swept around the room and catching a glimpse of some littered cigarette butts on the ground, she bent over and picked one up. She slowly moved towards a cigarrette box and lit it up.


Chapter 179: He’s back.

She turned it over, stretched her wrists and burned the rope until one string broke apart.

She quickly untied the rope on her feet and inspected the only window in the room.

Looking askance at the closed door, she rushed to the window and hoisted herself up and took a look down.

She was locked up on the second floor. Fortunately, it was only a few meters away.

Fang Chixia climbed up the window and gritting her teeth, jumped down on the other side.

It was very painful when she landed twisting her ankle. However, she spent no time to take care for it.

She stood up and quietly moved. It’s just that a few steps after, she ran into the face of two men who had brought her there.

Fang Chixia screamed darkly inwards, turned around and run in the opposite direction.

“Boss, the girl ran away!” One of the men shouted upstairs, and in a short while, a crowd ran downstairs.

Injured on both her ankle, Fang Chixia couldn’t outrun the men. She headlessly scurried in different directions on the road. Her foot became so sore, huffing and puffing, she fell in a heap to the ground.

Behind her, the men came closer and closer.

Fang Chixia glanced at them and clenching her jaw, she struggled to crawl up but the pain in her ankle intesified making cold sweat break out of her skin.

“Little beauty, you’d better cooperate. This running away, if we don’t get the money, we would really feel bad. When that time comes, you’ll only suffer!” The leader approached her to take her away. In the distance, a white Lamborghini swiftly flew towards them.

Its speed accelerated and with the wheels turning leaving dusts everywhere, it rotated rapidly around them, before stopping majestically on the side.

The door was opened and a figure came out of it.

Astonished at the face of the man who got off the car, Fang Chixia had a moment of finally seeing the dawn after struggling in the dark.

Luo Yibei approached them taking a glance first at her and then latter changed to the rest of the audience.

The unnatural sharpness in his gaze made the crowd shudder.

The leader drew back several steps. The arrogance he portrayed a moment ago was cut by half, “Boy, I advise you not to say a word. Don’t mind other’s business. Otherwise, otherwise….”

“Otherwise?” Luo Yibei glowered at him and asked rhetorically.

“Otherwise,…” The man couldn’t come up with a word. He snarled at the people behind him, “What are you still doing, get him!”

The group of people sized up Luo Yibei and hesitated.

Luo Yibei curled a lip, carelessly unbuttoned a few collar buttons, and took the initiative to come at the group.

This was the second time Fang Chixia saw him fighting. She only saw a leg lifting, a few spinning kicks, and instantaneously, several men were lying on the ground.

How specifically, she couldn’t clearly point it out.

This quick work of Luo Yibei was simply superb, cool!

Fang Chixia got a load of everything and couldn’t help being enthralled.

Luo Yibei went to her and pulled her up. Watching the group of people groaning and screaming for mercy, he spat out indifferently, “How to dispose of them, I’ll hand it to you.”

Fang Chixia crouched down in front of the leader. She exhibited no anger and even spoke to him gently, “Use the same method of kidnapping me, tie up the person who incited you and bring him to me. How about we write off this business with you paying him in the same manner he was prepared to deal with me?”

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  1. I think that Yibei likes to show his martial arts skills. And his wife loves to see him in action. Thank you for this exciting chapter.


  2. Hello everyone 🙂 I hope you’re still enjoying this one. I’m really running out of “startled, shocked, looked etc.” words to use (sigh)(sigh). They are almost present in every sentence. Anyway, I’ll look for more descriptive words for the next chapters.
    Let’s have a cup of coffee 🙂

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