EP – Chapter 60

Chapter 60: I’m sorry, I won’t donate.

At the meeting yesterday, didn’t Director Ji Mo say, “Before nine o’clock”, they must submit their case plans to him or else there was no need to go back to the column group?

Turning around and gently opening the door of the director’s office, Ning Xiaofei smirked and opened her mouth.

“Director Ji Mo, please come out.”

Her voice was neither high nor low but was enough for everyone in the entire office to hear.

Isn’t Director Ji Mo fucking awesome?

She’ll see to his end today!

“Xiao Ning.” Zhang Yue hurriedly approached her and pulled her arm. “I have something that needs to be finished, come and help me.”

Ning Xiaofei was aware of his good intentions. But since she’s going to take her leave anyway and Zhang Yue still has to work with the group, she didn’t want to implicate him, so she immediately tried to free her arm.

The door of the director’s office was opened, and Ji Mo stepped out, holding her case plan in one hand.

“What’s the matter?”

Pei Ruoxi immediately went over and let her assistant hand her plan to him, then spoke first.

“Directo Ji, this is my plan. There was a little problem with the car along the road so I came in a few minutes late, please forgive me.”

Different from her usual arrogant self when facing other people, Pei Ruoxi lowered her voice a few points revealing a mellow tone.

“A few minutes?” Ning Xiaofei picked on her nails. “If a CCTV news anchor was also a few minutes late, that could lead to a major broadcasting disaster.”

“Ning Xiaofei!” Pei Ruoxi screamed as her pent-up temper finally broke out. “Yes, I was late for a few minutes. I admit that it is my mistake. You’re deliberately harassing me, is it because you’re afraid my case plan is better than yours?”

Isn’t this goading someone into action?

Ning Xiaofei curled her upper lip, she won’t be eating that set of meal.

“Miss Pei, don’t get me wrong. I’m not in any competition with you right now, because……” She lifted her hand and pinched another document on the table and sent it to the front of Ji Mo. ” I quit!”

She won’t be sitting by stupidly waiting to be fired. This time, she’ll fire them!

Ji Mo studied the two case plans in front of him but when he saw the resignation letter that Ning Xiaofei was handing over, his eyebrows wrinkled immediately.

“What nonsense is this early in the morning, are you in the market?” His eyes brushed over Ning Xiaofei’s face and then looked at Pei Ruoxi, “Miss Pei, I reminded you, the first time being late, I can let go, but there never will be a next time! In fifteen minutes, convene at the conference room.”

Holding the case plans, Ji Mo turned around and entered his office.

“Director Ji!” Ning Xiaofei grabbed her resignation letter and chased after him. “I must resign!”

“We’ll talk again after the meeting!”

Ji Mo returned and banged the door heavily.

“Director is amazing!”

Ning Xiaofei curled her lips and pressed the resignation letter back. She wanted to return to her seat but Pei Ruoxi stepped forward to block her.

“Ning Xiaofei, you really have the guts!”

Ning Xiaofei raised her face and smiled at her.

“Why, does Miss Pei want a test tube baby? I’m sorry, but I won’t donate.”


Around the office, everyone couldn’t hold back and laughed out in unison.

Miss Pei’s face was flushed in anger. Her adversary wasn’t following the script and as she wasn’t as witty as her, she couldn’t come up with a response at a time.


With trembling fingers pointed at Ning Xiaofei’s face, Pei Ruoxi couldn’t make a word in her fury….

Ning Xiaofei grabbed her cup and went to the water dispenser.

Early in the morning, she said so much crap that her throat dried up. She just wanted to drink warm water and moisten her throat. She has no time to spare for her!



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