EP – Chapter 59

Chapter 59: More comfortable than lying on the bed

She just heard the reminder of the flight attendant. Anyway, he is now on the plane. After a while, he will be rolling to the other side of the Earth. She’ll just enjoy the days and have a talk with him again in a few days.

When we get to the mountain, there’ll always be a way through, just take it step by step!

Wait for you to come back, huh, who is afraid of you! You can even come back now if you have the guts!

Leaving the phone in the bed, she transferred her attention on getting dressed.

The apartment is very close to the TV station. She took a leisurely drink of coffee bought from Starbucks on the way. When she arrived at the station on foot, it was only 8:30.

Seeing Ji Mo who was coming from the outside, Ning Xiaofei stood up immediately, bound the case plan on her table, walked towards him and regained a high and mighty act resembling a small peacock. She arrived in front of Ji Mo and presented the case plan in front of his chest.

“This is the plan you wanted! 8:45 on the clock, there are still 15 minutes to nine so it not yet late right?

Ji Mo raised his hand and supported the plan on his chest.

“Very good.”

Ning Xiaofei turned around and took her seat once more. She lifted her legs and crossed them on her desk, curled them upwards and deliberately shook them twice.

“More comfortable than lying on the bed.”


She just used her desk as a bed, so what?

It isn’t a big deal. Isn’t she already going to be fired anyway? She’s ready for it. So just relax!

Ji Mo took in the gestures of the little girl and a smile flashed at the bottom of his eyes. He proceeded to his office.

Then the staff came in one after the other, including Zhang Yue who helped her yesterday. When she saw him, Ning Xiaofei immediately stood up and handed him an extra breakfast she had bought.

“That… for you!”

Ning Xiaofei has always been a person who has a clear distinction on gratitude and grudges.

Who is good to her, she will always repay the other party two folds similar to knives piercing both sides.

On the contrary, who is not good to her, she’ll definitely seek vengeance for the slightest grievance.

Zhang Yue smiled a little timidly. “This…isn’t this too much?”

“Don’t mention it.” Ning Xiaofei delivered her thanks. “It’s just half the price.”

Zhang Yue smiled and took it. “Next time, I’ll invite you to a meal.”

Ning Xiaofei almost laughed at herself. She’ll soon be gone, what next time?

Sitting back on her chair, she tidied up her desk rapidly then picked up her cup and pen which she had brought when she reported yesterday.

Glancing at the time, she reached out from her bag for her resignation letter. She was about to get up when she the door being opened by a female assistant. Pei Ruoxi in an orange dress walked into the conference room.

Looking down on her watch, an evil smile crept upon Ning Xiaofei’s lips as she stood up in front of her.

“Miss Pei, good morning!”

Pei Ruoxi looked her up and down and smirked.

“Excuse me, is Director Ji Mo in?”

When she spoke, her eyes didn’t touch Ning Xiaofei but looked directly at Zhang Yue and regarded her as air again.

“Director Ji is in of course, but… I don’t think you have to go in.” Ning Xiaofei raised her watch. “It’s now 9:03. What Director Ji said yesterday, did you forget it?”

Teacher Huang has sold many favors, plying a lot of connections just to introduce her to this column group. In less than two days, because these two bastards forced her to leave, if she walks just like that, then she is not Ning Xiaofei. At the least, she should make them suffer.

Pei Ruoxi snorted and turned her eyes sharply on her.

“I’m afraid you, Ning Xiaofei, has no say in this matter!”

Ning Xiaofei smiled innocently, “Then we should call Director Ji out so he could announce in front of everybody!”




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