Chapter 24

Chapter 24: The man you are thinking of

But….shouldn’t the Emperor be in Tiandi Fu? How come he appeared outside, and…now, also appeared in the Feng Family Home.

The moonlight, gradually became brighter.

Feng Chuge suddenly raised her head, her eyes shining with a few flashes of bright lights, “Are you the Emperor? Could you do me a favor?”

Di Jue Chen smiled. This was the first time this woman has asked for his help, so naturally, he promised, “Sure.”

“Come with me——” Said Feng Chuge then flew to a certain place…

In the Water Pavilion, Zilan and the others has just setteled down. They knew that if they act rashly to find their Miss, they will definitely cause a lot of trouble for the lady. In this tone, they might as well stay still and wait for news.

Outside, they suddenly heard footsteps approaching.

The three women hurried out, “Miss…. It’s really you. You’re fine. That’s great!”

As soon as she saw Feng Chuge, Zilan excitedly called out.

Feng Chuge patted her on the shoulder. “It’s alright. It was nothing. Look who I brought?”


The words just fell when the Emperor came in from the door.

Under such circumstances, if the Emperor couldn’t guess what Feng Chuge wanted to do, then he really is a stupid!

When the Emperor appeared before the eyes of Zilan and the other two, the three were stunned into stillness.

This man….. He’s absolutely stunning!!”

“Miss…he…he is…?”

“Di Jue Chen, isn’t he the one you were thinking of?” Feng Chuge answered facetiously.

Listening to her saying so, the Emperor’s face thoroughly blackened…..

Finally, he could reveal his real face from the poisonous alternation of his body brought about by the full moon tonight. He thought that he could give this woman a surprise. Where could he have guessed that this woman would have such a reaction instead.

“Eh? Where’s Achen?” Feng Chuge asked when after looking around, she failed to see even his shadow.

“We don’t know….When came in, Achen was already gone.”

Feng Chuge’s face changed dramatically.

Tonight was really a turbulent evening.

Achen must never be hurt!!

“I’ll go out and look for him!” Feng Chuge rushed out after leaving the words behind.

“Miss… We will accompany you.”

“Guard the house. In case Achen comes back, what would he do if he couldn’t find anyone.” With that, Feng Chuge was swallowed into the darkness again.

The Emperor stood on the edge of the door, watching the figure of Feng Chuge hastily leaving. His mind was filled with a bittersweet taste.

The sweet thing was that she still cared about Achen who has shrunk into a child after being poisoned.

The bitterness was that even though he was standing right in front of her, she couldn’t recognize him…

The Emperor slightly sighed and then sighed again.

Looking up, the moonlight was over the top of his head. It seemed like his time was almost up.

His eyes twinkled as he turned, and went straight into one place……

Feng Chuge searched up and down the entire Fengfu, but she never saw any traces of Achen. Her heart immediately fluttered in panic.

She was fond of little Achen very much. He is really truly cool and cold.

Nonetheless, this child, was especially like the one she was used to be.

In her past life, Feng Chuge had no relatives. She was finally brought into a killer organization and became an cold-blooded assassin.

After transmigrating, she had been taken cared of by her adoptive father. With Zilan and the others, everything has changed.

Feng Chuge couldn’t bear the fact that Achen, such a small child, has withstood so much. This was the reason she continuously let Achen tag along her and whatever it was he wanted, she was willing to satisfy him and give him the best….

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