Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Di Jue Chen (The emperor)

Purple is the most elegant and noble color.

That pair of pupils, sprinkled with purple radiance, exuded a faint glow in the moonlight seemingly looking down imposingly in disdain, not allowing humans to look straight at ahead!

The old man in white stood not far away but sensing the purple eyes that were getting closer and closer, the terror at the bottom of his eyes got even more and more palpable….

“Yes….It’s you….” The old man stretched out a hand and pointed a trembling finger at the man.

Under the moonlight, the man in black robes stood at last.

His body was very long, taller than the old man.

He stood over there, looking down at the white-clad old man. “I didn’t know when the world has turned white, that Tiandi Bai couldn’t even spare a little girl….”

His thin lips smacked slightly and under the moonlight. The meticulously carved facial features of that face matched perfection that even the slightest blemish couldn’t be picked out.

That delicate and exquisite appearance, under the illumination of the moonlight, could render people momentarily dizzy…..

Feng Chuge eyed the man who appeared all of a sudden in surprise.

This man must be a monster!! He was too beautiful!

In the distance, the old man, known as Tiandi Bai, was already scared into a retreat and the whole person kept shivering.

Others may not know, but he clearly knew.

The person in front of him, his strength of today, has reached the advanced level of a Spirit King/Monarch (Ling Jun)!

How many people have been born and spent a lifetime cultivating, but this enchanting man, at the age of eighteen has set foot on the Spirit Monarch level.

“You…Why did you show up here?”

“Some people wanted to hurt my woman, I naturally have to appear…” His eyes turned slightly and brought up a place of splendor.

“Your woman?” Tiandi Bai looked surprisingly at Feng Chuge and immediately understood everything.

“She turned out to be your woman. No wonder she’s so arrogant! Ha ha!….”

“Tiandi Bai….. I don’t want to do it.” The man leaned aside lazily, his brows slightly raised as his thin lips whispered.

As early as the moment when this man appeared, the old man in white knew that he would die.

His eyes turned cloudy and dim.——

“I understand.. I won’t bother you…”

With that, he raised his hand and with a “bang”, slammed it down onto his own heavenly spiritual core.

“Pu——” The white man’s mouth spurted out a stream of blood, and in no time at all, he no longer emitted any sign of consciousness.

The air was mixed with a little scent of blood.

The moonlight penetrated the trees and the mottled shadows fell onto the ground.

It was on these pieces of mottled shadows that the lazy pace of the man slowly walked on.

With the wind and his ink hair flying, it made him look somewhat unruly.

His long stature, finally fell in front of Feng Chuge. The mauve pupils slightly narrowed watching Feng Chuge, “Woman, are you all right?”

Feng Chuge stared in amazement at this enchanting man resembling the devil. A moment later, she slowly regained her senses only to see him staring back at her with a sly look.

She wasn’t a person who has never seen a beauty. It’s just that the presence of this kind of beauty was too mind-blowing she was having a hard time digesting it.

But now, she has completely had her fill.

Feng Chuge raised her head up…..

“Thank you for your help, I don’t know the gentleman’s name yet…”

“Di Jue Chen…” The Emperor’s eyes revealed a hint of smile.

Feng Chuge staggered and almost fell to the ground.

Di Jue Chen….

This is the male emperor ranked first on the most beautiful men’s list, the man Zilan was so fascinated about, the Di Jue Chen?

What a real coincidence…..

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