EP – Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Have a good look!

Since the two are husband and wife, he must of course tell her of his whereabouts.

Fly to Germany?

That is not to say, he will not come back for a short time and she will not have to wait on him as a chaperone?

This good news brightened Ning Xiaofei’s brows in happiness.

“When will husband be back?”

“About three or four days.”

“Only three days.” Ning Xiaofei muttered in disappointed then notice the gaze someone had cast. She changed her tone right away, “No, I mean, for so long, I… I will miss you!”

“Really?” Mu Tianye turned around and pressed her on the pillow. “So how about…I won’t go?”

“No, for a man, his career is more important. I’ll be waiting for my husband at home, hei hei!”

Dead little girl!

It seemed that yesterday’s training was not enough. Mu Tianye straightened up and pulled away the quilt from her body. Ning Xiaofei screamed instantaneously and huddled up.

“You… what are you doing?”

Mu Tianye pulled down his towel and left it on the bed.

Ning Xiaofei immediately jumped out on the other side of bed, pulled a piece of clothing on the ground to her body and fled into the bathroom.

“I…… I’m going to the toilet!”

Watching her dragging his big bathrobe, fleeing into the bathroom like a little madman, the corners of his eyes crinkled as he moved towards the cloakroom.

At this time, Zhou Tao must have been waiting for him downstairs. If he is late, he will miss the plane. He has no time to care about her now, or else… he’ll have her good looks!

“Dead Mu Tianye!”

Ning Xiaofei grabbed a toothbrush and smeared a little toothpaste before shooting it into her mouth. She brushed her teeth with cursing him inwardly.

Sniffing a familiar scent, she sucked air and noticed that the smell came from her own bathrobe. In her panic, she covered herself with his clothes.


She tore the front piece of the robe only to see her little rabbits covered with someone’s marks. She retied them tightly in a second.

After washing up, she bent at the bathroom door and pasted her cat ears on the panel.

Hearing no movement outside the door, she cautiously opened the door and felt relieved after seeing the well-dressed Mu Tianye.

He already has his clothes on so he shouldn’t bully her again, right?

Noticing her at the corner, Mu Tianye turned to face her.

“The access code here is the same as the card password. If there’s anything wrong, just call me.”

Seeing that the man was about to go, Ning Xiaofei immediately swore loyalty.

“En, my husband’s number, I have already memorized it. Rest assured, I will take care of myself. Just focus on your work and don’t worry about me. If work demands it, it doesn’t matter if you come back later, I can take care of myself…”

The first half of her statements, Mu Tianye enjoyed listening to them. But after hearing the latter park, his eyes began to narrow.

Come back later, she’s looking forward to him not coming back?

“Come here.”

Discerning the threat behind those two words, Ning Xiaofei silently retreated back into the bathroom.

“I…I don’t want to mess up your clothes. I’m not yet dressed so I won’t send you off. Husband, take care…all the time…No, bon voyage…Ah…”

The woman has not yet entered the bathroom door when her waist was caught by a long arm.

His eyes swept over her lips, which were still stained with toothpaste. Mu Tianye brushed the bathrobe down her shoulder and bent down. He took a bite at the tender flesh between her neck.


Ning Xiaofei gritted her teeth and sucked in cool air.

Lifting his head, Mu Tianye looked at the teeth mark on her neck in satisfaction and uttered coldly.

“It’s good that you know pain. These few days, be a good girl. If you out and dare mess around, see how I punish you!”




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