Chapter 22

Chapter 22: A change of heart

That Feng Zhaoyang must have been cornered that he felt compelled to approach the backer of the Feng Family.

Feng Chuge reckoned and sneered, “I never wanted to make an enemy of the Feng Family, but the Feng Family treated me unfairly again and again. If so, why should I treat them righteously? Now that I am back at the Feng Family, it was only to take back what’s mine!! As for those who belong to the Feng Family, there’s only one reason for their misfortunes = their ends, were brought upon them by themselves! You don’t have to wonder!”

“Fallacy!” The old man listened to none of Feng Chuge’s argument but was angered instead. “Since Feng Zhaoyang entrusted your removal to me, then, I have to do so!”

“Is that so? That depends wether you have the ability.” Feng Chuge quipped in disdain.

The moment her words fell, her whole body discharged a strength belonging to a Dawu Zong.

A 16-year-old Dawu Zong, in addition to Yuntian Mainland and Tiandi Prefecture, is a top genius.

“Humph! A Dawu Zong, your qualifications are really commendable. You will definitely develop well in time. Too bad, you don’t have this chance.”

The old man in white exacted while raising his arms. A formidable momentum emerged between his palms. That intense murderous force was too oppressive that even Feng Chuge gasped for breath, not only that, Feng Chuge found that the spiritual power in her body seemed affected that in general, she couldn’t even move a step!!

“Little girl, I told you….I’m not giving you the opportunity to grow up!” The old man in white laughed and slammed his hand straight towards Feng Chuge.

His speed bore the resemblance of a ghost.

The white figure, under the moonlight, was particularly intimidating.

Even Feng Chuge at this moment, couldn’t thoroughly point out his exact location.

Without warning, the old man clad in white lost track of her in front. Feng Chuge was so shocked and was about to turn back when she felt a burst of air behind her.

She moved sideways to get out of the way but similarly, the old man ghostly changed directions not allowing Feng Chuge any moment to react in time!

“Haha —— go to hell ——” The old man thundered as he flew forward straight at Feng Chuge.

In the heart of the old man, this blow would be a sure win.

But this time, not far away, a clear and cold voice echoed——

“An old man bullying a little girl, I say, aren’t you afraid of being made fun of?”

The words coupled with the chilly sound, his tone slightly fluctuating, slow, brought about a lazy feeling.

The playful inflection however drives an inexplicable coldness to the heart, making people feel breathless.

After hearing the voice, the old man trembled with both hands….

The attack on Feng Chuge earlier also came to a stop.

His eyes flickered in disbelief and looked in the direction of the sound. He emulated one who has seen a real ghost at the sight of a man ——

“Yes….. It’s you….”

Under the moonlight, a man in black robes slowly closed in.

His ink-like hair were swaying simply tied up with red ribbons at random, letting the rest of his hair flying freely.

Black hair, black gilded robes, against the backdrop of the moon, the pale face appeared even more so, that at the moment, it was enough to charm all living beings.

The toughest challenge to ignore was his purple eyes!!

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  1. I bet the random ribbon thing was from maids anxiously braiding his hair in worry in a side room… poor little guy… erm… I mean, sexy man?


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