EP – Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Not awake, not awake!

The man’s kiss was as overbearing as he is. He didn’t give Ning Xiaofei the chance to breathe.

The lips and teeth entangled and their skin brushed against each other making her blood heat up little by little…

Feeling the palm of the man holding her foot, Ning Xiaofei suddenly thought of something. She was no virgin, if there’s no blood, wouldn’t he question her….

Should I pretend?!

But it was already to late, she was crushed under him…

Things are now irreparable so Ning Xiaofei can only go with the flow. She closed her eyes and played dead.

Whatever. She had it coming, even if he had to beat her up, she won’t have a say.

You dared to be distracted?!

Putting her expression in his eyes, Mu Tianye intesified his efforts.


Reason has already been thrown out into Java country. Whatever happens, whether there was no bloodshed, what else is there to worry about.

The following hours, Ning Xiaofei absolutedly didn’t have any time to ponder again.

She didn’t even know when the man stopped or when she fell asleep……

When she was woken up by the alarm clock the next morning, there was still a chaos in her mind.

She could only indistincly remember burning like roasting on fire and trembling as those autumn leaves in the wind, sometimes in hell, sometimes in the dark night…..

As if she had climbed several mountains and walked thousands of miles, her whole body was totally exhausted and weak.

When she heard the phone ringing, she didn’t bother to move at all.

Mu Tianye removed the palm of her hand from his chest, reached for her mobile phone, and turned off the alarm clock…

He has to catch the plane at 9:30, he should get out of bed.

Looking down at the little woman hanging on his chest resembling a weak animal, her cheeks still flushed, Mu Tianye who has always worked hard to make money first, was a little tired of going on a business trip for the first time.

With a frown, he stretched out his hand to shake her shoulder.

“Get up.”

“Don’t bother me.”

Ning Xiaofei grumbled unhappily and turned over to give him her back.

She is not yet fully awake. The tone was still astringently mellow, unlike when she’s having a fit of temper, with a little spoiled taste.

Reaching over her shoulder, his eyes fell on the traces left on her smooth back. He remembered the madness of last night, and his tightened fingers relaxed……

Forget it. Since she was a good girl last night, he wouldn’t care about it this time!

Uncovering the bed, Mu Tianye got up and walked into the bathroom.

Not long after, the mobile phone on the table screamed once again. In order not to let herself sleep, Ning Xiaofei always set a few alarms so as not to get up late.

After listening for a moment, Ning Xiaofei finally got up, lazily touched the phone, closed her eyes to turn off the alarm clock and squinted at the time. She opened her little mouth and yawned. Out of the corner of her eyes, she caught sight of Mu Tianye who just walked out of the bathroom. Ning Xiaofei turned red on the face and hurriedly pulled the quilt up to cover her face.

I’m not awake yet, not awake!

Mu Tianye kept her movements in check. Seeing her no 300 taels of silver buried here appearance, he found it nice and a little funny.

He approached her and smacked a prominent place under the quilt.

In there happened to be someone’s little butt. When it was slapped, someone felt embarrassed and angry. If such a heavy slap won’t awaken someone, she’s definitely dead. She could only pull the quilt off her head with her messy hair and show toothy smile.

“Husband, good morning!”

Mu Tianye nodded.

“I’m flying to Germany for a business trip this morning.”




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